Alf Gunn BadgeHistoric 1939 Photos

For your information, I am forwarding these photos of historic note.  Thanks to Margaret Gooch.    Alf Gunn

Photos of Brazil 1939

Dear Alf,
I don't know why this hit me the other day, but it did. I don't think I ever forwarded some photos to you from the albums that I donated to the Church Historical Archives several summers ago? I know I contacted you and you led me to Brother Andersen who helped me get them donated and also saw that I got a Disc of the photos I wanted from the albums (in fact they made FOUR discs - so each of my children got one).
I wondered if you might be "interested" in putting any of these "old photos" in your newsletter from time to time? I am sending you just of few of the 99 that I have on the disc. The photos were taken by my father in 1939. The fourth photos was taken as the missionaries were on their way to New York to take the boat to Brazil.
Your tour sounds wonderful. One year we'll join you. I'd like to get Ashley and Marie Fish (from Heber, Utah and my high school classmates) to join Perry and I on returning to Brazil on a tour.
Have a great time!
Margaret Gooch <>; - Apr 18, 2013