LDS TempleWelcome to the website. The promise is given that out of small things, great things will come to pass. Well I will prove this by investing many small amounts of time and energy to create a place where LDS Missionaries that have served in Brazil can communicate online.

Having served in the Porto Alegre Mission from 1986-1988 I am finding some of the memories as fresh as if they occurred yesterday, while others are fading.  This includes names, faces, and locations. I hope to spark the memory banks and document the important events in my mission life, as well as provide a forum for others that have served in Brazil.

BRASULISTA NEWSLETTER - Alf Gunn has long shared an email newsletter for Brazilian LDS Missionaries that are the generations before my era of service.  I have always read his notices with great interest and am in the process of archiving them here on this site. Just click on "Alf Gunn's Brasulista" in the upper right corner of the site and then enjoy reading his messages.

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