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Newsletter of the early LDS Brazilian missions, #160a Newsflash!

March 37, 2013


Missionaries attacked by natives near Riberão Preto!  

While tracting in the newly opened city of Franca, Estado de São Paulo, Elders John Howarth and Kim Russell, stopped to say 'Hi' to three seemingly harmless "natives" on the street.  As they walked away they heard and saw an arrow fly past them.  Whoosh! 

Franca Native Boys


Okay, it was 1962.  Elder Russell reports, "Thus we are able to claim that we were shot at by natives during our mission!  I suppose that if the natives had sicced their dog on us we could also claim being attacked by wild animals! Makes a good story for the grandkids"
Elder Russell wonders how many of these natives might have served as Bishops or Stake Presidents already, noting the growth of the Church in Brazil since 1962. 
Note from the Brasulista guy:  Now that I have your attention, here are a few ways you can help me. 

  • If your brother or friend served a mission in Brazil before 1985, and he is not getting the Brasulista, please send me his phone number and email address.
  • When you change your email address, please notify me.
  • If you are called on a mission, please notify me. 
  • If you die, please notify me. 

Little known facts:  Once a Brasulista (or any message) is composed, it takes 4 to 5 days to send it out to everybody, due to anti-spam features on my Gmail service.
I generally send to missionaries who served before 1985, but will also send to Brazilians.  I like to maintain contact with Brazilians in various cities of Brazil, particularly ones who have been around a while, so I can help locate folks in those cities.
I like to send to Mission Presidents--many Brazilian--who are serving in Brazil at the present time, but know that they are generally too busy to send me anything.
Information on my (working) lists of missionaries, currently about 448 pages long, is not posted online.  It is furnished to companions, Brazilian members, etc. when requested and as appropriate, and usually with the knowledge of the missionary.
I always spell Brazil "Brazil" when writing in English.  I always spell Brazil "Brasil" when writing in Portuguese.  Makes sense, doesn't it? 
Soon to be announced:  A good brother, as a labor of love, is compiling all of the past Brasulistas onto a website that will be available for search and review. 
The Brasulista was the name of the missionary newsletter in the Brazilian South Mission in the early 1960's.  The "sul" is for the South mission.  Today's project started by locating missionaries from the old BSM, but we found that the northies and others liked it just as much.  So it is a newsletter for all the missions, before 1985.
Recipients of the Brasulista, now some 2,500 or so, are invited to a "super reunion" every three years.  The last two were at Bountiful.  Only a few hundred folks show up, but those who do have eaten vats of feijoada and visited for hours.  Past speakers have included Elder Wm. Grant Bangerter, Nelson Aidukaitis and Elder Claudio R. M. Costa.  The next one should be held in October 2015, on the Thursday before General Conference.  Y'all come.

Alf Gunn (BSM 62-65) - Gig Harbor, WA -



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    I just subscribed after talking with one of our Sealers in the San Diego Temple. This Sealer also served as a Mission President in Brazil and was part of the last San Diego Temple Presidency. I have not kept in touch with any of my companions or members I baptized in Brazil. The language is almost gone as I have not spoken it since I left Brazil. I have thought a lot about a family we baptized with the last name of Milk. He flew jets for Varig airlines. I wounder if they remained strong in the Church.

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