Brasulista Purpose



Michael LeavittAlfred “Alf” Gunn, former missionary in the Brazil South Mission, has long published an email only newsletter called the “Brasulista, newsletter of the early Brazilian missions”.  His goal was to build a database of every missionary who ever served in the early Brazilian missions between 1935 and 1980. Don’t feel chapped if you served later, like myself. Alf has been very successful and has gathered a large database of early Brazil missionaries.  The ultimate goal and purpose is to identify all who served in the Brazilian Mission and subsequent missions from 1935 to 1980.

Alf describes the newsletter:

“This project began in the Brazilian South Mission (BSM), and today goes out to about 2000 former missionaries.  The newsletter shares news of the Church and the missionary work in Brazil today, missionary opportunities in Portuguese-speaking missions, and history and memories of Brazil.  We announce reunions.  It has been very popular among the alumni of the Brazilian Mission, Brazilian South, Brazil Central, Brazil North and etc.

The newsletter is called the "Brasulista, newsletter of the early Brazilian missions". For the sake of manageability the newsletter will be sent only to missionaries who served in those missions during the years BEFORE 1980 (and interested Brazilian members). But recipients may FORWARD newsletters to younger missionaries and any others with an interest in Brazil and the work.

You can expect a newsletter every month or so, and are invited to respond with information, corrections, inspiring experiences that may be of interest to the others.”

For further information contact:
Alf Gunn (BSM, 62-65)
Gig Harbor, WA
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

THE GOOD NEWS: This website will fill the gap with newer Brazilian missionaries. We encourage all Brazilian Elders and Sisters to subscribe to the newsletter. Pre-1980 missionary information will be forwarded on to Alf for his database and newer missionaries will be sent the Brasulista directly from this database.