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Cristo300Brasulista #221

Newsletter of the early Brazilian missions, #221
October 17, 2019

Hello folks!  Enjoy this issue.

In this issue:

How about that Portuguese language!
Supporting the Academy for Creating Enterprise (ACE) in Brazil
Portugal looking for senior couples
Called to Serve
Video:  Dia de Santa Barbara celebration at Salvador da Bahia
Links:  Two of my favorite songs about Salvador da Bahia
More mission opportunities - temples in Brazil

Read this issue at . . . . . a blog provided for us by Michael Leavitt (BPAM 86-88) of Orem, UT.  (

Thought for the day:

  • Daniel dormiu na cova dos leões.
  • Pedro dormiu na prisão.
  • Jesus dormiu numa tempestade.
  • Você pode tomar cochilo quando quiser.
  • Porem, cuidado.  Adão dormiu e quando acordou faltava uma costela e tinha mulher.

How about that Portuguese language!

How about that Portuguese language! You probably knew this, but . . . Brazil has the largest population of native Portuguese speakers in the world, with over 205 million. Mozambique and Angola both have around 25 million speakers, and Portugal has roughly 10 million speakers. To put that in perspective, the Brazilian city of São Paulo alone has a population of 12 million.

Good news for American missionaries called to Brazil:  Portuguese is the first language of the overwhelming majority of Brazilians, at 99.5%.  Although there are some regional differences, there are no Portuguese dialects in Brazil.  That means that no matter where you go in the country, you'll be able to understand everyone if you speak Portuguese.

ps  Don't write to me . . . I am aware the language is also spoken in Guinea-Bissau, East Timor, Macau, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, and Sãn Tomé and Príncipe.  I would add Massachusetts and Florida to this list.

Dale Bradford (BSPN 74-76 and former president SPIM 05-08) shares this:  "FYI regarding Massachusetts, we just returned from a mission to Boston (speaking Portuguese) and there are at least two small towns (Marlboro and Framingham) where every third or fourth storefront is Brazilian.  And if you walk on the street, you hear more Portuguese than English.  And padarias are everywhere.  Great pão de queijo."  (

Supporting the Academy for Creating Enterprise (ACE) in Brazil

 Item:  Education initiative arrives in Brazil Here is an appeal and information about a not-for-profit organization created by a very generous member of the Church years ago, which focuses in helping members, primarily former missionaries, to understand how to create successful enterprises, through education and network, to help them become self-reliant. This information is furnished to us by Brother Manoel Amorim (BSPS 79-81), former President of the Portugal Porto Mission, who holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, and is a former president/CEO of various large companies.  He supports this cause with his time and some of his own finances.  Brother Amorim writes:

"Dear Friends of Brazil:   I want to share some great news with you. The Academy for Creating Enterprise (ACE), established in 1999 to provide entrepreneurship training and support for newly returned missionaries and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and others in the Philippines, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, has just launched in Brazil! "ACE curriculum is based on gospel principles, applied to business, and has helped thousands of struggling members of the Church to overcome poverty and become self-reliant. While ACE is not a Church program, it works with the Church and has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Area Presidency in Brazil which allows ACE to use Church buildings to offer their free programs to members in need.  In each country, a full-time professional staff manages ACE's programs. Please review their website; you will be impressed: "ACE has started in the "Nordeste," where, as you may know, the need is most pressing. Members will learn how to create and manage their own small businesses with the help of ACE and their Chapters offer a business support network of other new entrepreneurs who have graduated from ACE and the Church's Starting and Growing My Business class. I am confident we will soon hear wonderful testimonies like the thousands that are coming out of Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, and the Philippines. "If you are someone like myself who served as a missionary in Brazil and are looking for a way to continue to bless and serve the Brazilian people you love, I invite you to join Marcia and me and make a donation to provide entrepreneurship training and support for members in Brazil, empowering them to become self-reliant. "Please reach out to Kimberli Gibson to offer your donation. She will be glad to answer any of your questions and to receive whatever you have to offer. No contribution is small. She can be reached at Sincerely yours,  Manoel Amorim"  (

Portugal looking for senior couples

Item:  A note from President Brent Fillmore of the Portugal Lisbon Mission: Brother Gunn, Thanks for keeping us your list.  Kevin Hall (SSPN 73-75 of Tremonton, UT) and his wife, Debra, have been called to serve in Portugal and will be here in a few months now. She will be our mission nurse and he will help with four branches in Northern Portugal. We are very excited for their arrival. Thank you for your help with that. It was your email that sparked their interest. We have two couples going home here shortly, one in November and one in December.  We could really use some other couples here in Portugal to help with Member and Leader Support.  Interested couples can contact me or information can be found at the Church's website: President Brent Fillmore, Portugal Lisbon Mission (

Note:  See more information about mission opportunities at the end of this Brasulista.

Called to Serve

 "Alf, My wife Athalie and I are leaving Cache Valley on the 3rd of October to serve in the Campinas Temple for six months (minimum).  If other couples want to serve in Brazil, they need to get the process moving along - especially the visa process - by applying on the senior missionary website and specifying the temple where they want to serve.  It's taken us four full months to get everything ready to go....  Milt Maughan, BNM 71-73"  (

"Dear Alf, My wife Carol and I have enjoyed reading the Brasulista for many years, and especially about opportunities to serve missions in Brazil.  I served in the Brazil South Mission (71-73).  We were recently called to serve as Office Specialists in the Salvador South mission, and will enter the MTC on September 16.  We are truly looking forward to serving. Roger A. & Carol Stephenson  Delta, UT" (

Alf's note: Congratulations on your mission call!  A very interesting place, Salvador da Bahia.  I have gone swimming off of Itapuã Beach and walked up the tacky street called Baixa dos Sapateiros--both because of beautiful songs about these places. I also had my swimsuit pocket picked the same day at thePelorinho during the local's drunken celebration of Dia de Santa Bárbara.  (I only lost about $4 and the card to get back on my cruise ship). Have a great time in preparation and on the mission.

Video:  Dia de Santa Barbara celebration at Salvador da Bah

 4-minute video of the celebration (in Portuguese):

Links:  Two of my favorite songs about Salvador da Bahia

Dear readers, here are the songs l like about Salvador da Bahia and links to listen to them:

Tarde em Itapuã

Na Baixa do Sapateiro

Na baixa do sapateiro
Eu encontrei um dia
A morena
Mais frajola da Bahia
Pedi-lhe um beijo, não deu
Um abraço, sorriu
Pedi a mão
Não quis dar, fugiu

Terra da felicidade
Eu ando louco de saudade
Meu senhor do Bonfim
Arranje outra morena
Igualzinha pra mim

Oh, amor, ai
Amor bobagem
Que a gente não explica
Ai, ai
Prova um bocadinho,ô
Fica envenenado,ô
E pro resto da vida
É um tal de sofrer

Ô Bahia
Bahia que não me sai
Do pensamento
Faço o meu lamento,ô
Na desesperança,ô
De encontrar nesse mundo
Um amor que perdi na Bahia
Vou contar

Ô Bahia
Bahia que não me sai
Do pensamento



Mission opportunities

The following information was sent already to some of you, but is repeated here:

"Alf,  I am writing in behalf of President Victor Tavares (former president of the Portugal Lisbon mission) who has recently been called as a counselor in the Curitiba Temple presidency starting November 1st. He said they need 7 senior couples to serve there and has living quarters already setup for them. If any missionary couples would like to go back to Curitiba and serve there, this would be a great opportunity. Thank you for all you do for us.  Bob Hoffman BSM 64-66"  (

I asked Bob about the cost of a temple mission at Curitiba.  "Just got this Alf, and looks very inexpensive for any couple." "Falei com dois casais que servem aqui hoje.  O custo do apartamento é de $450,00 dólares. Alimentação $500,00 dólares.  Mais uns extras para passeios e lazer.  O autocarro para na porta do Templo e quem tem mais de 60 anos, não paga passagem.  Obrigado, sucesso e saúde Amigos.  Presidente Tavares"

Alf's note:  Curitiba, Paraná, today is a vibrant and economically sound city, famous for parks and public transportation.  A few years ago I visited a street market there that went on for four blocks and had about 1500 booths-I had never seen anything like it!   And the Church is powerful there with many, many, chapels and great leadership.  The Curitiba Temple is a gem and caravans still come from afar. These are my observations.

Disclaimer:  I am quite certain that other temples also welcome American couples who will serve temple missions.

Campinas Temple Irmão Alf, Não sei se ainda lembra de mim, Alceu Arndt, nos encontramos em Porto Alegre, na época eu era o gerente do escritório da igreja. Hoje sirvo como presidente do Templo de Campinas e temos a mesma necessidade do Templo de Curitiba. Nossa cota é de 10 casais no final de outubro teremos apenas 6 se puder nos ajudar informando ao grupo nossa necessidade seremos muito gratos.  Sempre é muito bom ter noticias suas.  Forte abraço, Alceu Arndt"

I am off to tour seven temples in Brazil with a wonderful group of returned missionaries, many who have served multiple missions, including four former mission presidents who will hold mini-reunions with their former missionaries in six of the cities we visit.  Beleza!

 Um abraço, Alf Gunn * Brazilian South Mission 62-65 Gig Harbor, WA


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