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Cristo300Brasulista #218

Newsletter of the early Brazilian missions, #218
February 16, 2019

In this issue:

Super reunion Planned
Groundbreaking for the Praia Cabo Verde Temple set for May 4, 2019.
Dedication of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple set for June 2, 2019
Recalling construction of the Princesa Isabel chapel in Porto Alegre
Senior mission opportunities – São Paulo, Brazil Area HQ, Maceió
Called to Serve – Portugal, California
Pioneer members from Angola

Super Reunion Planned for April!

The Early Brazilian Missions Reunion
Orem Utah Cascade Stake Center
481 East Center Street, Orem, Utah 84097
Thursday, April 4, 2019,  2 pm to 9 pm
Afternoon: visiting, potluck and Brazilian food 4 pm to 6 pm
7 pm to 8:30 pm – devotional in the chapel
Mission group break-out sessions to be announced.

In case you missed the first notice, we will hold this “super reunion” of all the early Brazilian missions—meaning basically all missionaries and Brazilians who receive the Brasulista—at Orem, UT, at next April General Conference time.  It will be on April 4, the Thursday before General Conference.  This will include an afternoon of visiting beginning at 2 pm, break-out sessions for mission president groups, and fine Brazilian food and pot luck, followed by an evening chapel session.  More details will be forthcoming.  Please spread the word and plan to attend.  We have planned these super reunions every three years and have had some wonderful experiences.

Volunteers welcome

A reunion organizing committee is forming under the direction of Stevan and Leuri Zibetti Davis of Orem.  Contact them if you would like to volunteer to help or with suggestions or questions:  or


Groundbreaking for the Praia Cabo Verde Temple set for May 4, 2019.

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced that the groundbreaking for the Praia Cabo Verde Temple will be held May 4, 2019. Elder Paul V. Johnson, president of the Europe Area for the Church, will preside.  See this article:

Dedication of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple set for June 2, 2019

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced dates for the opening of Brazil’s seventh temple and the 165th temple in the world. The open house for the Fortaleza Brazil Temple is scheduled for April 27 through May 18, 2019. The temple will be dedicated Sunday, June 2, and a devotional for the youth is the day before on June 1.

Recalling Porto Alegre and Canoas, RGS

Elder Paul Ross (BSM 64-66) from St Matthews, SC, writes:  Dear Alf,  I always enjoy getting updates and history in the brasulista. Thanks for your hard work! Jeanne and I are living in the apartment building on the grounds of the Curitiba temple serving as temple missionaries. We will be here until February of 2020. We will have a new temple presidency on November 1, the day of the [Brazil LDS Temple] tour's visit. I remember Brother Bogner [Brasulista #217] very well from the chapel on Avenida Princesa Isabel in Porto Alegre. The picture doesn't look like that group of construction missionaries nor that chapel. I remember Sergio, Rui and Neco. Neco Pereira was from Londrina and had been in Canoas when I was there. He wrote words to an existing melody and accompanied himself on his guitar.         


Canoas, bela terra do sul
Lindas palmeiras contra o ceu tao azul
Praias brancas, luar
Suave brisa do mar

Canoas, terra de meu amor
Onde eu vivia entre o povo do senhor
Anunciando aos teus
Boas novas do ceu

Chorus (after each verse)
Eu vou partir
P'ra bem longe daqui
Vou sentir saudades
Saudades de ti.

Recalling Construction Of The Princesa Isabel Chapel In Porto Alegre

When the Princesa Isabel Chapel was ready to have the roof poured, Brother Bogner asked all the full-time missionaries to help. We were scheduled on shifts 24 hours per day. We mixed sand, rocks, cement and water in 4 mixers. When done, each mixer was emptied into a wheelbarrow and taken to the side of the building. The wet concrete was lifted to the roof in a five gallon bucket on a powered drum and cable. Each bucket was poured in a wheelbarrow and taken on a constantly shifted boardwalk to the wet edge where it was placed and vibrated. The plywood forms for the beams and roof with neatly laced rebar, were supported by a forest of saplings. The span was considerable (it was the cultural hall) and the concrete block walls were to be the support when the saplings were removed. I asked Brother Bogner if the roof might collapse when they removed all the temporary supports. He said, "If nothing else holds this roof up, I'm sure Rui's faith will!"  Jeanne and I visited that chapel in 1996, 31 years after the roof was poured and it was still there! And the chapel was beautiful.  I remember that Brother Bogner spoke German and English but not so much Portuguese. There was a German speaking construction missionary who became the straw boss because he translated instructions for the rest of the crew.  I also remember President Krieger when he was the São Leopoldo district president. He rode a Lambretta motor scooter and carried his wife and son. I enjoyed his Spanish laced Portuguese. He was a great example to all of us.   (

Note: Nancy Denhalter Cropper (BM 66-68) of SLC writes to say that song was later adopted by the Brazilian Mission as their mission song, substituting the word “Brasil” for “Canoas” since Canoas was in the Brazilian South Mission, and adding this to the last line, "Porem um dia eu voltarei, Para então renovar, amizades sem par, com todos us Santos de Deus.”  It is still sung at Brazilian Mission reunions and Nancy can sing all the words to this day. "Interesting" she says, “to finally learn the origin of this song!” (

Mission Opportunities

Dear brother Gunn,  This is President Cordner from the Brazil São Paulo Interlagos Mission.  Thank you for the wonderful newsletter that you publish--it is a great service!

We have a need for an office couple to take the place of Elder [Darrel] (BNM 71-73) and Sister [Eileen] Clarke who will be leaving the end of April after a year and a half of consecrated service.  The office couple has housing adjacent to the office in an upscale neighborhood of São Paulo in the Santo Amaro neighborhood directly across the street from the Santo Amaro stake center.  Elder and Sister Clarke have been an invaluable blessing to the mission with their organizational skills and their ability to care for the mission office.  Tasks have included visas, travel, housing, materials, English training, calendaring and a slew of other responsibilities (there is always plenty to do!).  They have also shared the responsibility of teaching an English class and have had interaction with investigators and new members.  It is helpful if one of the couple has the ability to speak Portuguese.  Our office elders have traditionally had good English skills and so there is also good communication in English in the office.  We have a mission of wonderful young people, many of whom are new converts to the church and full of faith and the fire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ!  We hope to be able to fill this position as soon as possible! Come enjoy an unforgettable experience with us!  Interested couples can contact me directly at my email:   Thank you so much!  President Ken Cordner, Missão Brasil São Paulo Interlagos

Elder Chuck Carlston (BM 58-61) of Alpine, UT, makes an appeal for retired attorneys to serve:   Alf, I just I have been in the Brazil Area Office of General Counsel for 3 months now of an 18-month assignment.  In the next seven months, we will lose three of the four attorneys in the office.   Each had serveda first mission in their youth and still spoke some Portuguese.  They will need to be replaced by volunteers who are retired attorneys.  There is more than enough work for us.  Please spread the word for me, Any one interested can write me at  My wife and I live in an apartment about a 10-minute walk from the Area Office, the São Paulo Temple and the new and only Visitor´s Center in South America.  Senior Missionaries are a part of the congregation here, with local members occupying all leadership positions.  It´s amazing to see what 4th and 5th-generation LDS can do.  On my mission, I saw primarily 1st-generation LDS and young elders occupied nearly all leadership positions.  Brazilians reserve special parking places for ' ' idiosos'' (the elderly - over age 65), and locals offer their bus and subway seats to the idiosos. Also, buses and subways are free to the idiosos. Thanks, in advance, for spreading the word in your newsletter.  Chuck Carlston  (

Alf’s note: In 2013 I was with Ken and Heidi Copa of Pleasant Hill, CA, on a delitful tour of the south of Brazil.  I love these talented folks.  The next year they served a senior couples mission in Rio Grande do Sul, as I recall.  Now they are at it again.  Here is their note:

 Alf, Thanks for all you do with the Brasulista. All of us recipients enjoy your work tremendously.  Thank you for putting in the plug that Elder Barney sent about replacement couples needed here in the Brazil Area Office. Heidi and I are doing the Travel Specialist job and we will finish our mission in August this year.  Travel Specialist is kind of a misnomer since we don't make any travel arrangements and we don't do any traveling ourselves.  We work with making sure all the foreign missionaries coming to the 35 missions get registered properly here in Brazil and then get their visas renewed after one year.  It is all done on the computer here in São Paulo.  It is a clerical office job, and we are helping the five other full time employees in the travel office who do make travel arrangements.  We enjoy working with these wonderful people and we know that if we weren't here the Church would have to hire two more full time employees. So it is a real service we are providing to the Church. If anyone would like to know more, they can contact us at or It is a real blessing working here in the Area Office where there are all these other wonderful missionary couples, both Brazilians and Americans. We do many wonderful activities together.  Hope all is well with you.  
Ken and Heidi Copa (   

Senior Mission Opportunities – São Paulo, Brazil Area HQ, Maceió

Elder Paul Henry (BSM 66-68) writes from the north of Brazil;  Dear Alf,  Our hearts go out to the Mencl family [mentioned in Brasulista #117] with the loss of their son, Gary.  Elder John Mencl and I served together as missionary companions more than 50 years ago.  My wife, Sally and I are presently serving as Office Specialists in the Brazil Maceió MIssion until November 2019 at which time there will be an opportunity for another senior couple to serve.  If senior couples have interest in serving here in Brazil, they should contact President Mark W. Taylor (  We extended our original 18 month mission call for an additional year, and it continues to be a blessing for us to serve with President and Sister Taylor and the wonderful missionaries serving here in Brazil.  We also served in Angola from 2014-16 as Member Leader Support missionaries and extended our mission for an extra year there too.  Thank you for all of your efforts with the Brasulista.  Elder and Sister Henry, Missão Brasil Maceió, Av. Santa Rita de Cássia, 287, Farol, Maceió - AL 57051-600 (

Called To Serve – Portugal

Here is a wonderful note from Rick Bangerter (71-73), former President of the Brazil São Paulo North Mission (02-05), from Centerville, UT:  Hi Alf, thank you again for the blessing it is to all of us to be kept ‘up to date’ with your great emails, inspirations and posts in the Brasulista! My sweetheart, Sheryl, and I have been called to the Portugal Lisbon Mission where we will be serving for 18 months as Young Single Adult Specialists. We enter the MTC on April 15th where we will attend both the MTC week for couples and a 2nd week of CES training in preparation for teaching Institute. President Fillmore has told us our assignment will be working in the Porto area assisting the work mostly in the northern part of the beautiful country of Portugal.  We are particularly thrilled to work toward involving the YSA youth in the excitement and the blessings of events and opportunities surrounding the dedication of the new Portugal Temple anticipated this fall. We couldn’t be happier and are excited to try to sharpen up some Portuguese speaking skills by taking on the ‘Continental Portuguese’ this time around, over in Europe. Grande abraço para todos, e vamos todos continuarmos na ‘colheita’ dos preciosos filhos e filhas do Nosso Pai Celestial!  Richard (Rick) Bangerter  (

Elder Roland Ruegner (BPAM 77-78) of Riverton, UT, writes:  “Janice and I will miss the reunion in April as we are currently serving in the California Long Beach soon to be Anaheim Mission, as Mission Medical Adviser, and MLS missionaries for the Cambodian ward.  So I really enjoy reading the Brasulista. Keep it up!!  Thanks, Roland and Janice Ruegner  (

Pioneer Members From Angola

I love hearing from all you folks who are serving missions, and know that so many more are serving where they are planted.  What a marvelous bunch.

One more little note.  Two weeks ago I had the good fortune to meet a real Mormon pioneer!  Marinela Leroy recognized the Liahona magazine I was carrying and said, “Você é membro d’A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias!  E eu sou também!”  Marinela and her two daughters were in a waiting room I was visiting in SeaTac, WA.  She has been a member of the Church for 10 years, and her husband, Josip Leroy, for 18 years, which I figure makes them both Mormon pioneers in Angola.  She is a former Relief Society president and they were sealed in marriage in the Johannesburg South Africa Temple.  They immigrated to the USA and Maine two years ago, and five months ago to the Seattle area. This lovely young mother from Africa and I immediately had more in common than anyone would imagine, thanks to the Church of Jesus Christ and the testimonies we share and the Portuguese we speak.  I found Josip’s Facebook page and the man is a super Latter-day Saint.  They have already been to the Seattle Temple.  Oh, I wish them well.    

Sunday School Humor

Teacher to young students in robes . . . “Matthew, Mark, Luke . . . see me after class.  Your book reports are surprisingly similar.”

Aquele forte abraço, irmãos.  Come to the reunion! Alf Gunn * Brazilian South Mission 62-65 Gig Harbor, WA

Brazil LDS Temple Tour – October 29 to November 15, 2019

Bem vindos!  Welcome! Welcome to a tour of all of the temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Brazil!  This tour is for all of you missionaries who served in Brazil over the years. Come share sacred experiences with the faithful saints of Brazil, and tour historic districts of modern Brazil.  We are “matando saudades”!

See it at

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