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Cristo300Brasulista #217

Newsletter of the early Brazilian missions, #217
February 1, 2019

Note:  To be posted soon--A “Seven Temple Trip” to Brazil in early November 2019, with visits to all the Brazil Temples including the new Fortaleza Temple (to be dedicated June 2)!  We will join the faithful saints of Brazil and tour the temple cities.  Dick Jensen of Dick Jensen Tours is putting it together for us.  Google “Dick Jensen Tours” for details, soon.

In this issue:

Super Reunion planned for April 4, 2019
Do you remember these construction missionaries?
Canoas memories
Mission Opportunities at Brazil Area HQ:  Tech Specialists, Area Travel Specialists, Family Service Specialists
Manaus Temple mission opportunities
Call to Serve
FamilySearch “Completion Team” seeks Portuguese volunteers
Conversion story from 1954 – Ruth Pereira Hunter
Seeking Brasião issues from 1960
New mission president calls to Brazil

Super Reunion Planned for April!

The Early Brazilian Missions Reunion
Orem Utah Cascade Stake Center
481 East Center Street, Orem, Utah 84097
Thursday, April 4, 2019,  2 pm to 9 pm
Afternoon: visiting, potluck and Brazilian food 4 pm to 6 pm
7 pm to 8:30 pm – devotional in the chapel
Mission group break-out sessions to be announced.

In case you missed the first notice, we will hold this “super reunion” of all the early Brazilian missions—meaning basically all missionaries and Brazilians who receive the Brasulista—at Orem, UT, at next April General Conference time.  It will be on April 4, the Thursday before General Conference.  This will include an afternoon of visiting beginning at 2 pm, break-out sessions for mission president groups, and fine Brazilian food and pot luck, followed by an evening chapel session.  More details will be forthcoming.  Please spread the word and plan to attend.  We have planned these super reunions every three years and have had some wonderful experiences.

Volunteers welcome

A reunion organizing committee is forming under the direction of Stevan and Leuri Zibetti Davis of Orem.  Contact them if you would like to volunteer to help or with suggestions or questions:  or

Do you remember these construction missionaries?

Do you remember this couple?

George and Jane Bogner were construction missionary supervisors during the construction of chapels in Brazil beginning in about 1964, perhaps at Curitiba and perhaps at Porto Alegre.  “On January 8, 1967 they were nearing the end of  their mission [perhaps in Peru by that time] when he got sick and they sent them home... but he didn't make it, Grandpa died on the plane even before it took off... he was removed from the plane and sent to a coroner’s office in Callao, Lima, Peru.”  Their granddaughter, Cindy Thredgold, was compiling their history and found only one photo of them during their mission service, which is attached here.  Sadly, Sister Thredgold also lost a son on his mission in 2014 at Taiwan.  She would love to learn more about the Bogner’s mission and even identify the construction missionaries shown in the attached photo. Her email is



Canoas Memories

We generally don’t announce deaths in theBrasulista, but I want to share a story.  I noticed in the BYU Alumni magazine the passing of Ralph Wade Redford (BSM 60-63) of Wellington, UT, who died in December 2017 per his obituary.  I recalled his name as one of the good missionaries in the Brazilian South.  Ralph had replaced David Lamoreau as a branch president in Canoas, on the outskirts of Porto Alegre.  Elder A. Theodore Tuttle, then presiding over the South American missions, had come and told Elder Redford to go out and find a replacement. That afternoon he and his companion, Elder Larry Seamons, knocked on the door of Antonio and Antonia Krieger, immigrants from Argentina.  Antonia invited them to return later when her husband was home.  When they did Antonio greeted them with a big hug.  He had read the Reader’s Digest article “Quem São Os Mormons,” andsaid “I’ve been looking for you for years.”  At 34 Antonio had been smoking since he was 9 years old.  The missionaries fasted for him.  He gave up beer, coffee, and the cigarettes and was baptized close to Christmas.  The next Christmas I was in Canoas, a brand new missionary, and Antonio Krieger was the beloved branch president.  We met in a rented house where two of us lived upstairs. I have a cherished photo of the Krieger’s with their young son Raul, standing by the bicycle that brought them to church each Sunday and during the week.  That was when I resolved that I would never miss church—because if they could do it on that bicycle, I could make it wherever.  Years later Raul Krieger would serve as President of the São Leopoldo Stake and then the Canoas Stake when it was organized.  Antonio Krieger would serve as the patriarch of the Canoas Stake.

Mission Opportunities

Brazil Area Technology Specialist Mission

Elder Dennis Barney (BNM 69-71) and Robyn Barney from Roy, UT share this:  My wife and I are currently serving as Area Technology Specialists in the Brazil Area office in São Paulo, Brazil.  Our mission will end in September and another couple to serve in this position will be needed then.  Our responsibility is to encourage and help with training of stake/district technology specialists throughout Brazil.  Understanding the technology is not really a requirement for this mission, just some familiarity with a computer and a willingness to learn. We’ve learned almost everything on the job.  We live near the São Paulo temple in Church owned housing and work with a wonderful, capable team.  We attend weekly family home evenings and other activities with several other senior missionary couples.  We love being here and working in this assignment.  Portuguese is necessary for at least one member of the couple.  If anyone is interested in this, please contact us.

There are also two other opportunities that will be available in August.  The Area Travel Specialists and LDS Family Services Specialists.  If anyone is interested in either of these opportunities, we can get them in contact with the couples presently serving in these assignments to answer their questions.  Working in the Brazil area office is a wonderful experience.  Um abraço. Dennis and Robyn Barney at  
A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias
Escritório: (11) 3723 3362    Celular:  (11) 97629 3687   Email:

Manaus Temple Mission Opportunities

This is from Homero Amato, President of the Manaus Temple:

Hello Alf Gunn – bom dia!  What a blessing to receive the Brasulista!! Sandra and I are now serving in the beautiful Manaus Temple. We are so happy to serve with the Manauaras that are a special and lovely people.  Right now we just have Elder David and Sister Donna Jayme, from Las Vegas, serving here and the “alojamento” – patron housing,  has 3 empty furnished apartments ready to receive three couple missionaries that could serve for 6, 12, 18 or 23 months.  Could you please announce this wonderful opportunity in the future Brasulista?  Once again congratulations for all you do to build up the Kingdom.  Forte abraço,  Homero Amato  (

Called to Serve  

Elder Neale Wooters writes, “My wife Kathy and I have been called to serve in the Brazil Area office in Sao Paulo as Area Welfare Specialists.  We apparently are replacing Ray and Marilyn Anderson.  We enter the MTC on March 25th for our 18 month assignment.  Thanks,  Neale Wooters (

Elder Robert K. (BRdeJM 74-76)and Sister Candi Merrell of Salt Lake City, former President of the Brazil Bello Horizonte Mission (03-06) have been serving in the Portugal Lisbon mission.

John (BSM 66-68) and Carol Mencl of Salem, OR, entered the MTC on December 31and left for Brazil on January 12, 2019.  Here is their note:  Hello Alf,  In early September Carol and I received a mission call to be office specialists in the Brazil, Sao Paulo South mission, with responsibility of support functions for approximately 170 missionaries in the mission.  The São Paul South mission has one of the smallest mission areas in the church.  You can drive across it by bus in 2.5 hours.  In that small area there are 7 million people and 11 stakes.  For two months Carol and were tutored on Zoom by Sister Dutra, from Brazil, who served a Temple Square mission, works at the MTC in Provo and will be a student at BYU.  We were extremely excited about our call only to wonder if we would even serve when a few days later our son Gary passed away, leaving his wife Angela and four children under the age of 8.  We felt like we could not go on let alone serve this mission.  We spent the month of September assisting with family matters, traveling to Utah for Gary’s funeral, and grieving for Gary and for his family.  After visiting with Carol’s brother, and after receiving some special tender mercies in the Portland temple, we determined that we would serve the mission and leave on our original scheduled departure date of December 30th for the MTC in Provo.  All in the Church mission department in Salt Lake, those in our assigned mission, extended family members and our ward family prayed for us during this trying time.  We felt their prayers. We knew that Gary’s family would be well taken care of by our daughter Angela’s family.  Gary will be missed by us for the rest of our lives, but we are grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ that gives us hope for the future.  We know that we will see and be with him again. We are loving the people of Brazil.  It is a wonderful thing for Sister Mencl to see first had these loving and caring people.  I gave my first blessing in Portuguese this week to a sister missionary.  The first one in 50 years. John and Carol Mencl (

FamilySearch “Completion Team” Seeks Portuguese Volunteers

Gathering Israel from among the Portuguese deceased

From Doyle Farnsworth (BCentM 68-70):  Hi Alf, I have been asked by FamilySearch to manage and promote a special “Completion Team” in order to significantly accelerate the publishing of Portuguese records into FamilySearch for the benefit of our Brazilian and Portuguese friends who are searching for their ancestral dead.  Many Portuguese indexing projects containing millions of names have been 100% indexed by faithful indexers but sit idle awaiting being reviewed before they can be published. We have a dedicated group of reviewers, the majority of which are Brazilians, who are doing a great work in focusing in on a couple of these projects at a time in order to get them reviewed and ready for publication. My plea today is for anyone who feels an interest in joining our Completion Team to contact me via email.  In order to qualify to be a member of the team, one must have reviewer status in and have a desire for accuracy. FYI: after a person has indexed 1,000 records for FamilySearch, he/she automatically becomes a reviewer at which time he/she is allowed to index or review any of the records. Reviewers simply download an already indexed batch and review it for errors, make corrections and submit the batch.

Most of the records we are reviewing are birth, death and marriage records. Many of them are on preprinted forms.  In Preach My Gospel, page 128, it admonishes…

“Strive to master the language throughout your mission and after you return. The Lord has invested much in you, and He may have uses for your language abilities later in your life.”

Today the Lord has use of your language abilities! Please consider joining our team and making a difference. Doyle Farnsworth, Brazil Central Mission, 1968-1970.  (

Conversion Story From 1954 – Ruth Pereira Hunter

Ruth Pereira Hunter, now of Sandy, UT shares here conversion story:

“I joined the Church on December 4th, 1954, in Bauru, SP, when I was 16 years old. I grew up in the Methodist church and one Sunday morning, the Methodist minister baptized several babies.  At the end of the meeting I asked the priest why he baptized babies as they have no sins. The priest went to my parents that afternoon and told my parents that I was a lost sheep for asking such a question.  On Monday afternoon the missionaries, Elder Leland Oliphant and Rodney Andersen knocked at our door. Obviously the Lord knew where I was.  Within 10 minutes of their arrival, my mother, Geny Diniz Pereira and I knew we wanted to be baptized. To this day I am grateful to God for sending the missionaries to our house, which by the way, was in the outskirts of a village that the missionaries were not tracking, but they found us.  Ruth Pereira Hunter  (

Seeking Brasião Issues From 1960 

Hi from Larry Affleck BM 1960-1963.

I'm seeking a bound volume(s) of the Brasião from January 1960 thru March 1961.  Can you add this inquiry to your next newsletter?  Larry Affleck phone 801-635-7795  (

New Mission President Calls to Brazil

From Church News:

Brazil Belém    To be announced
Brazil Goiânia    Daniel M. and Suzana C. G. Piros
Brazil João Pessoa    To be announced
Brazil Juiz de Fora    Paulo C. and Nadia M. Loureiro
Brazil Londrina    Bradley K. and Sherrel McKinnon
Brazil Natal    Emilton and Aparecida Miranda
Brazil Piracicaba    Bruno V. and Luciene M. A. Barros
Brazil Ribeirão Preto    Carlos E. and Rosa Santos
Brazil Salvador South    Júlio C. and Cláudia F. Triumpho
Brazil Santa Maria    Jorge M. and Maria R. Becerra
Brazil Santos    Paul M. and Sue Harman
Brazil São Paulo West    E. Brett and Amy Horsley

Um abraço,  Alf Gunn * Brazilian South Mission 62-65 Gig Harbor, WA

Do you remember these construction missionaries?

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