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Cristo300Brasulista #213

Newsletter of the early Brazilian missions, #213
June 19, 2018

Bom dia!

In this issue:

Val and Hermine Carter in Brazil over the years
Recalling Riberão Preto 1961-62
Note from the President of the Riberão Preto Mission today
NEW:  Records Operations Center to open at Brazil Area HQ
Early missionaries at Fortaleza
Seventeen stakes in the Fortaleza region today.  Puxa!
Called to Serve -  Cabo Verde

Val and Hermine Carter in Brazil over the years

Alf,  You don't know how much I enjoy your reports on Brazil. They matam as saudades que tenho de nosso querido Brasil. I recently published my personal history.  The person who edited the history said to me "Every time I turned a page you were either going or coming from Brazil".  So I counted up the amount of time we lived in Brazil and came up with close to 20 years.  This included 3 missions, working with the "Nordestinos" and TDYs.  My wife, Hermine passed away 12 years ago.  I celebrated my 90th Birthday in March and try to get to the Ogden Temple once a week. There aren’t many left who served in Brazil in the early fifties..  The number of missionaries serving at the time totaled 40. Thanks again for keeping us up-to-date on happenings.  Abraços.  Val Carter  (BM 51-54)

Alf’s note:  Val Carter is one of the giants!  He presided over the CTM SP 95-95 and in 99.  He was President of the Montana Billing Mission 76-79.  He was a BP of the Riberão Preto Branch 52-53, BP of Jardim Botanico Branch in Rio de Janeiro 65-67 and 69-71, and counselor in the Brasilia Alvorado Stake from 87-90. 

Recalling Riberão Preto 1961-62

Warren Payne (BM 59-62) of Albuquerque, NM, shares this reflection:

Alf,  First my appreciation for your efforts at keeping us "together."  Second, regarding the mention of Ribeirão Preto in your last Brasulista, I was both branch president and district president there for nine months spanning 1961 and 62.  When I was sent there President  (Wm. Grant) Bangerter simply told me the branch had almost been destroyed by some of the members.  Cities such as Franca and Goiânia were very small, struggling branches and Brasilia was being built, all within my district.  Sister Cleonice Carvalho soon arrived and was a huge blessing to the branch.  Two Elders and two Sisters were blessed with a good number of baptisms.  By the time I left I'd seen a complete member branch presidency called and our typical attendance at sacrament meeting had grown to about 70 people.  And now, of course, it's a mission in and of itself!  I was so very blessed to have a small part of helping to finalize, if you will, the building of the foundation of the Church in Brazil.  Also, we baptized a Bolivian family in São Paulo. One member of that family returned to Bolivia and was instrumental in getting the Church started there.  

Her story: When the Bolivian sister, aunt to Elizabeth Concha who now lives in Murray, UT, returned to Bolivia there was no established LDS church so she contacted President Bangerter who contacted the mission president in Peru, who then sent some Elders to Bolivia.  With the aunt's help, Elizabeth has told me, they baptized about 165 people which I figure resulted in my son being sent there approximately 25 years later!  That family has remained faithful all these years and has sent numerous family members on missions.  Elizabeth’s brother is a branch president in the SP MTC so when my grandson was there the two of them had lunch together, so 50 years or so.....well, I know that you know what I'm saying.  Besides my son who served a mission in Bolivia, another served in Porto Alegre and at the present time I have a grandson serving in Fortaleza.  

A highlight of my patriarchal blessing says that I'll see the hand of the Lord made bare.  As a teenager I interpreted that literally, but today I understand that I've lived long enough now to see the Church grow in Brazil from about 2500 members when I arrived in Nov. of 1959 to what it is today.  I've seen the first real chapel built (and revered) in Pinheiros, a temple not far from there, a black general authority and now a Brazilian apostle!!  "Hand of the Lord made bare"?   Without the slightest doubt !!  Warren Payne  (

Note from the President of the Riberão Preto Mission today

From President Peter Scholz (BSPS 78-80), Missão Brasil Ribeirão Preto

Alf, I wanted to provide a comment on the opening paragraph of your Newsletter #212 regarding your meeting Brazilian missionaries heading to the US to serve.   Two of those missionaries, Sister Von Wallwitz and Elder Da Silva, served briefly with us here in the Ribeirão Preto Mission.  We were blessed to have both of them with us for nearly two complete transfers.  They were the 4th and 5th Brazilian visa waiters that have served temporarily in our mission.   I can say that all five of them have been nothing short of amazing missionaries.  We get to see brief glimpses of them during the short time they are here and are sad to see them leave us, but we know that they need to go to the missions where they were called to serve.  Four of the five arrived speaking very good English.  We then were able to place them with American companions that further helped them with their language.  It is nothing short of amazing to see missionaries from Brazil heading to so many parts of the world.  Thank you for sharing this.  It hit close to home since two of them served with us here.  We are grateful for your news letter and the effort you put into it.  President Peter Scholz (BSPS 78-80), Missão Brasil Ribeirão Preto (

NEW: Family History mission opportunities, needs, at Brazil Area Headquarters

Alf, we are in the initial stages of creating the first Brazilian Record Operations Center (ROC) where we will process our own records from Brazilian archives. We do Blocking and Reviewing batches prior to sending them out to the public for indexing, reviewing, and finally publishing on Family Search for all to use.  We love our mission and are inviting couples to come and help.  We also do 110 year Ordinance Approval, work with all members currently reviewing and indexing records to reduce review backlog, recruitment of Church Service Missionaries for Family History Department and also have wonderful experiences serving in a local ward.  This assignment is in the Area Offices in SP, next to the Temple, New Visitor Center, ROC and Family History Center and best of all, wonderful Brazilian brothers and sisters.   And, oh, the wonderful food.  
Elder and Sister Ralph Brooks, (BSM 60-62, BSPN 08-10).  Come join us.  (  +55 11 3723-3548  on behalf of Fábio Falcão Lucas, MPA, Priesthood and Are Support, Brazil.  (

Early missionaries at Fortaleza

In the last Brasulista (#212) we asked the question, “Who was the first branch president in Fortaleza?” and shared some information about the pioneer family Cintra there.

Elder Tidwell receive a message from John M. Beck (BM 64-67) saying Robert Dionne and I opened Fortaleza in December 1965.  Elder Dionne was the first branch president.  (

Alf’s note:  Anybody know where Robert P. Dionne is today?  Last known at Connecticut. 

Seventeen stakes in the Fortaleza region today.  Puxa!

On June 11 we received this from George Cintra of Fortaleza:  “Elder Tidwell,  Acabei de ler sua mensagem no Brasulista. Fico feliz em poder ajudar a lembrar a história da igreja em Fortaleza e vou compartilhar algumas fotos e documentos.  Ontem foi criada a Estaca Fortaleza Dunas, a décima sétima(17) na Região Metropolitana da Fortaleza. Ela foi criada com a união da Estaca Benfica e da Estaca Fortaleza. Tivemos uma reunião muito tocante com a presença de Elder Audukaitis e Elder Cascardi. Meu irmão mais novo, Gleydson Cintra, foi desobrigado como Presidente da Estaca Benfica após 10 anos de serviço. Meu irmão do meio, Glauber Cintra, foi chamado como Presidente da Estaca Dunas e eu fui chamado com 1º Conselheiro da Estaca Fortaleza. Foi muito bom estar no púlpito com eles e podermos, os três, prestar testemunho do evangelho restaurado. Meu pai também estava no mesmo púlpito, como Patriarca da Estaca Fortaleza.  Existe muita informação no link!Ar_IRqp03B7dh-pPStliSU3sIhYjgA

Se você tiver mais fotos ou histórias para compartilhar, apreciaria imensamente.  Enjoy!!!  George Cintra  (tel. 85 98779-8233)

Called to Serve – Cabo Verde

Dan (BSM 73-75) and Diane Erickson (BNM 72-73) of Layton, UT write:  

My wife and I received our call to the Cape Verde Islands last October and enter the MTC on July 2nd.    When we submitted our papers, we did not request any mission in particular but mentioned that we were partial to the Portuguese language since we both served in Brazil.  My wife, whose maiden name is Diane Potter, served in 1972-73 in Rio de Janeiro under President George Oakes.  I served in the Brazil South or Porto Alegre Mission from 1973-75 under President Lynn Sorensen. 

Consequently we will be speaking Portuguese again and have been studying the language up to three hours a day.  We have been called as welfare missionaries and will work on humanitarian aid projects on the five northern most islands during the 23 months of our service.  Our apartment will be in the city of Mindelo on the island of São Vicente.  We are replacing another couple, Bryan and Becky Gerritsen, who will leave at the end of July.  Sister Gerritsen served as a young missionary in Brazil (I think in São Paulo).  Her maiden name was Wirthlin.

Today my wife just returned from a luncheon with Sister Oakes and several of her sister companions from Brazil.  Alf, thank you so much for the Brasulista.  I enjoy reading it every time it comes.  Dan Erickson   (

That’s all folks!

Aquele forte abraço,  Alf Gunn Brazilian South Mission 62-65 Gig Harbor, WA

“You know when you are getting old, there are certain signs.  I walked past a cemetery and two guys ran after me with shovels.”   --Rodney Dangerfield


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