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Cristo300Brasulista #205

Newsletter of the early Brazilian missions, #205
August 17, 2017

Bom dia!  The newsletter guy apologizes for a lapse in Brasulista issues, due to technical or digital difficulties beyond my feeble capabilities. Also, I took a fine road trip across America and back during the month of June.  It is a great country, the Church is true and life is wonderful.

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In this issue:

Serving in the Porto Alegre Temple
Called to Serve   Elders Albertson, Hale, Coxson
Reunion Announcement for Hicken Missionaries, 2018
Elder Joni Koch new member of the General Authority Seventy
Finding missionaries for members in Brazil


This sweet note was a letter to friends and family from my friend Elder David Eastman (BSM 62-65) serving with his wife at the Porto Alegre Temple.  They previously served in the Madrid Spain Temple:

It is hard to believe that we have been here for two months already. At the temple, we have some slow days and some very busy days. Saturday several buses came in from different Stakes in the Temple district. This is such a small temple that people were almost bumping into each other and we had to set up extra chairs in most of the sessions. Sister Eastman was busy with patrons from 7 in the morning until almost 8 o'clock at night. I was locking up the temple and turned off the lights when I heard someone say that they were in the dark. It was Sister Eastman that was still finishing changing to go home. I thought that she had already gone home. I almost locked her in, in the dark! I am generally busy in the office, but get the chance to help when there are lots of patrons and few workers. Sister Eastman and I also are called to help patrons who speak Spanish. That is a very special time for us.

This last Sunday, the Proselyting Missionaries put on a beautiful musical program at the Stake center. It is a building that was originally built in 1963, when I was here for the first time. I actually helped make concrete blocks and pour concrete for some of the floors of that chapel. I was invited to bear my testimony at the program as one of the "pioneer missionaries". It was an emotional moment when I mentioned that I could see some defective blocks in the walls and said that it was very possible that I had made those blocks but I also saw some almost perfect blocks and I hope that I had made some of those. Our work in life is like that. We make some mistakes but we also do some very good things. We can only hope that as life goes on, we can make more and more almost perfect blocks.  
We love and appreciate all you do for us. Thank you for your love and support.
Elder and Sister Eastman (  4/18/17


Sister Katherine Mayo Albertson (BNM 69-71) of Aloha, OR, and her husband Paul are called to serve as a camera capture team in the Washington DC North Mission, to work in the Maryland State Archives.  “There are opportunites available in many parts of the world to serve a family history mission—yes, several in Brazil,” she says.  (

Elder Wayne (BM 66-68) and Alane Hale are called to serve a temple mission in Tijuana, BC, Mexico beginning in October 2017.  They formerly served in the CTM São Paulo in 2013.  

Richard Coxson (BSPS 72-74) writes:  My wife and I are serving as Palmyra Temple missionaries.  Richard Coxson   (

Ralph (BSM 60-62) and Reva Brooks of Pine Valley, UT, are called to the Brazil Sao Paulo West mission assigned to Area Support in Family History. They previously served senior couples missions to the Brazil Sao Paulo North Mission as an Area Welfare Specialist (08-10). (


Attention Hicken missionaries!  President Lloyd R. Hicken reunion planned for 2018 and his 100th birthday.  Elder Hicken served his first mission in Brazil from 1939 to 1942. With the bombing of Pearl Harbor he, like many of his missionary associates, returned to the US and entered the military.  He piloted a B-24 Liberator on 27 bombing missions in the Pacific Theater from New Guinea to China.  He returned to Brazil in 1966 to preside over the Brazilian Mission for three years.


Thursday March 29, 2018
President Hicken’s home chapel, 50 W 2633 S, Bountiful (Val Verde area), UT (tentative location, to be confirmed)
6:00-9:00 p.m. Visiting, greeting President Hicken and family, program, refreshments

Contact Wayne Hale * Chubbuck, ID * 208-339-9847 * 208-237-6892 *


Francisco Jose de Senna, 52, of the Rio Negro Stake Parque Dez Ward is now presiding in the Mozambique Maputo Mission, taking the place of newly called General Authority Seventy Joni Koch.  Brother Senna has been employed as a Director of Seminaries and Institutes.  

The Church has raised up some wonderful men and women.  I have a photo taken in Joinville, SC, in 1963 of Joni Koch as a toddler in his mother’s arms.  


“I have one more member searching for the elders who baptized him. He is one of our temple missionaries and one of the finest men I know. He has been very faithful to the Church since his baptism.  Francisco Anselmo de Araújo baptized on November 11, 1973 in the Beira Mar Branch of the Santos Stake in the state of São Paulo. The missionaries were Richard C. Coxson and Wayne Dee Beckstead. Elder Araújo's email is    Thank you again.  Mark
Elder Mark Grover and Sister Ivelisse Grover * Campinas Temple Brazil * E-Mail:

I had been unaware of Elder Coxson until this request, but was able to find him serving a senior mission at Palmyra, NY.  Brother Francisco was very emotional to be able to communicate with both his missionaries after all these years.

Boa noite.  Procuro pelo missionário que batizou minha família na cidade de Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil em 1971, seu nome é Elder Gary Everett, ele era de Eatonville, WA.  Como posso encontrá-lo? Agradeço alguma informação.
Dra. Kátia Lilian Sedrez Celich, Professora UFFS * (54) 9976 1141

Estimada Dra. Katia,  Sim!  Encontrei Elder Everett, com a ajuda do Departamento de Historia d’A Igreja e um bispo em New Mexico.  Ele é Gary Earl Everett, esposa Karrie, BSM 70-72, de Waterflow, NM,   tel 505-947-1559, 185 Road 6700, Waterflow, New Mexico, USA 87421. Pode ligar com ele.  O email é da esposa, porque ele não usa muito.  Waterflow, NM fica no meio de nada! Ele fiquo feliz de saber que alguem que ele ensinou está fiel na igreja.  Por favor, quais erem os nomes das pessoas na sua familia que ele batizou?
Um abraço, Alf Gunn

Fico imensamente feliz e grata por teu empenho. Ligarei ainda hoje!  Ele batizou minha mãe, que se chama Ruth Sedrez e eu Kátia Sedrez, depois meus irmãos também foram batizados Saskia, Kleiton e Aline. Na época eles não tinham idade para serem batizados. Minha irmã Saskia e meu irmão Kleiton serviram missão e seus filhos também já serviram missão. Somos todos firmes na igreja e hoje somos muito gratos por ele e seu companheiro que bateram em nossa porta.  Na época a Igreja em Pelotas era de apenas um ramo, hoje tem 2 estacas. Só no estado do Rio Grande do Sul temos 3 missões.  Na época que o élder Everett serviu missão eram em todo o Brasil apenas 3.  Obrigado mais uma vez!  Dra. Kátia Lilian Sedrez Celich

That’s all folks! Fiquem firme, forte, fiel e feliz!

 Alf Gunn * BSM 62-65 * Gig Harbor, WA *  * 253-307-3338



TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT:  “Brazil South Mission Reunion Temple Tour – May 1 – 11, 2018”

Oh, I love this tour!!!  And I will host it.  

Looking forward to 2018, plan now to be a part of this tour and invite family members or friends to do it with you.  It takes place in the beautiful south of Brazil, but of course Northies will love it too.  Three temples, a fireside, and Iguaçu!  Our travel agent friend, Dick Jensen (BSPSM 78-80), has done it again:  Amazingly, this whole trip comes at a price equal to what you or I would pay for the airfare to Brazil and back alone.  Former mission presidents who take this tour—as some have in the past—may be able to arrange mini-reunions with “your missionaries” living in Curitiba, Porto Alegre and São Paulo if desired.  Go to the website for details and join us if you can.   Um abraço,  Alf



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I was so glad to find your site/newsletter. I am the sister of a Missionary, Elder Lawrence Figueira, that served in Brazil from 1966-1969, but died before his release.. I would like to connect with any missionaries or members that may have...

I was so glad to find your site/newsletter. I am the sister of a Missionary, Elder Lawrence Figueira, that served in Brazil from 1966-1969, but died before his release.. I would like to connect with any missionaries or members that may have known him. I was a young girl ( 7 years old) at his passing, so any insight to his life during the time he served would be appreciated. If you would be interested in helping me , feel free to email me. Thank you so much! - Toni

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Toni (Figueira) Andrews
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Regarding Elder Figueira, I was a companion of his and entered the LTM with him in 1966. I would like to have his sister (Toni) contact me if possible. Thank you.

Lowell Johnson
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