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Cristo300Brasulista #186

Newsletter of the early Brazilian missions, #186
June 15, 2015

Bom dia, gente!

In this issue:

  • Super Reunion set for October 1, 2015.  Be there or be square. 
    Elder Larry Y. Wilson guest conducts the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
    From the Field and Called to Serve
    YouTube link with views of Rio
    Recalling a Carnival marching song (with link)


Dear missionaries,  A big thanks to volunteers who are helping prepare for the “Super Reunion” we have scheduled for Thursday, October 1, 2015, at the Orem Utah Cascade Stake center in Orem, Utah.  Everybody, calendar the event and plan to attend.  Brazil missions lapel pins will be sold at the reunion, as a fund raiser (not the $10 ones from the BYU Store, but one representing all of the missions of Brazil, and for only $5).

Every three years or so we hold a “Super Reunion,” inviting all who receive the Brasulista, no matter which mission you served in or when (1935 to c1985).  We typically begin at 1 pm and serve great Brazilian food prepared by Brazilian sisters (wonderful volunteers) during the afternoon, and visit throughout the afternoon. We have break-out sessions for the groups of particular presidents. We have an evening meeting at 7 pm in a chapel, with a few speakers sometimes including even Church leaders who are kind enough to attend.  We honor our various mission presidents and their wives. Former Brazil mission presidents are invited to coordinate your other reunions to enable you to attend this event where possible.


ITEM: President Lloyd R. Hicken’s family members have posted the audio of Sister Alice Hicken’s funeral service online at together with her obituary, for the Hicken missionaries and others to visit.  The Hicken’s presided over the Brazilian Mission from 1966 to 1969.



Larry-WilsonElder Larry Y. WilsonITEM: Did you see this?  Elder Larry Y. Wilson (BCentM 69-71) of the Seventy was a guest conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square during their performance at their concert at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts near Woodstock, NY, on June 27.

Q:  Do we have any Brazilian-Americans or former Brazilian missionaries currently singing in the Choir?  I know we have some who were formerly with the Choir.  Care to remind me who?


So many good saints serve in so many ways.  I want to mention the many years of service in Brazil by Don and Claudia Andrew of Cedar Hills, UT (last I heard).  Don served in the Brazilian Mission from 56-59. They recently served an Auditor/Trainer mission at Recife, then as interim President of the Brazil São Paul East Mission.  He is the former President of the Brazil Belem Mission (00-03), and in January 2008 was at São Paulo Area Headquarters as auditor/trainers, then as Area Executive Secretary in 2010. Frankly, I have a hard time keeping up with them.  As the hymn says, “There are chances for work all around just now.” (Hymns, 223)

FrancesconiFrancily & Aldo FrancesconiMy friend Aldo Francesconi was Director of the MTC São Paulo for 17 years, and then served as First Counselor in the São Paulo Temple.  Now he and his dear wife, Francily, are called to preside at the Porto Alegre Temple.  He writes of the calling:  “Meu caro amigo irmão Alf Gunn,  Para mim e minha esposa será uma honra servir entre os santos do Rio Grande do Sul. Um estado de tantas tradições, com uma cultura invejável, musica fascinante, sentir o frio do minuano, saborear o verdadeiro churrasco de fazer inveja aos demais brasileiros e tentar ... provar o chimarrão. E o melhor de tudo estar entre os santos no lugar mais sagrado do Rio Grande - a Casa do Senhor. Espero ve-lo quando lá estiver. Ao ler mensalmente o Brasulista observo o imenso carinho que o irmão preserva da sua missão entre os gaúchos.  
Um grande abraço,  Aldo e Francily Francesconi”

My former good missionary companion, Gordon Robinson (BSM 61-64) of Provo, UT, and his wife Lynette are called to serve in the new Portugal Porto Mission for one year with new mission president, Manoel Amorim.  They report to the MTC on October 26. Gordon and Lynette were on our first tour of Brazil in 2005 and last year went to church in Porto, Portugal, which was enough incentive to seek to serve in that beautiful country. 

ParrelaDelgia & Adalton ParrelaMy dear friend Adalton P. Parrela (MBPA 77-79) of Florianôpolis, SC, writes “Dear Alf,  As you know Délgia and I are serving as mission president and wife here in the Brazil Santa Maria Mission –which was part of  the Brazil South, Porto Alegre Mission. We are pleased to inform that we have with us now (thanks to prayers and their visas being cleared) Tina and Loren Spendlove (MBPA 77-79, Moçambique 11-13). They are doing a wonderful work at São Borja District, and Loren also serves as Counselor in the Mission Presidency. Also, we are looking forward to the arrival of Sherry and Kreig Smith (MBPA 77-79) - please pray for their visas now, as they will work at São Gabriel District. Both couples will be working to help local leaders to upgrade these districts to stakes of Zion. What really touches my heart is that the three of us (now with our wives) will be here together working in the same old mission field of our youth after all these years. Is not that wonderful? We have a testimony that Our Lord smiles over couples that leave family and comforts to return and serve before it´s too late. Obrigado por seu amor e orações!  Adalton P. Parrela

Ferron Sonderegger (BCentM 71-73) writes: Dear Alf,   My wife Paula and I have received our mission call to serve as welfare specialists in São Paulo under the direction of the Area Presidency.   We are really excited and are getting prepared.  Paula has been studying Portuguese seven days a week and is making great progress.  I am really proud of her. Getting a visa is quite a process.  There seem to be new requirements all the time such as a hard copy of your driver's license and your seminary records.  We are hoping and praying that we don't have a long wait.  We enter the Provo MTC for ten days on Nov. 2nd, then off to Brazil.  I served in four areas in the city of Sao Paulo: Pedreira; Perdizes; Jardim da Saude; and Penha in the Brazil Central Mission (1971-73).  It is like going back home.  I have already heard from people I knew and including a young man I baptized in Rio Claro which was then a struggling branch.  He now serves as a counselor in the Rio Claro Stake Presidency.  It was really a tender-hearted moment to visit with him on Skype.  Thanks for sending us the Brasulista.  It is a wonderful publication.  The story about President Turner was especially touching.  I lived with his son Robin in an apartment in Campinas in a foursome.  We became great friends as we served together and we just recently got back in touch with each other one week ago.  There is something about Brazil that binds people together for life.  Um forte abraco, Ferron Sonderegger (


YouTube item: I call this “Don’t bother dad when he is working”   A short (3 minutes) refresher in conversational Portuguese from Rio de Janeiro:
“Pirelli, an amazing walk on Christ the Redeemer”



Dear former missionaries:  This is for those of you who are trying to be humble even though you take some pride in having the same hairdo as, say, Elder Dallin Oaks.  

The Brazilians have an old Carnival marching song that has been around at least 50 years, as it was the most popular marching song of Carnival 1963.  On a cruise to Brazil in recent years, our ship was greeted in one port by a band playing and singing this classic, called “Nós, os carecas.”

In Carnival marches it was loud, accompanied by dozens of drums, etc. Here is a tame version of it . . .

Nós, nós os carecas
Com as mulheres somos maiorais
Pois na hora do aperto
É dos carecas que elas gostam mais

Não precisa ter vergonha
Pode tirar seu chapéu
Pra que cabelo? Pra que seu Queiroz?
Agora a coisa está pra nós, nós nós...

My translation:

We, we the bald men! With the women we are the greatest,
Because, when it comes to the squeeze,
it is the bald men that they love the most!

There’s no need to be ashamed; you may remove that hat,
Why hair anyway?  Why, Mr. Queiroz?
If the thing now is going all for us! us! us! us!
(repeats all) (over and over)

Okay, folks, on that less-than-religious note, we end.

Forte abraço, Alf Gunn of Gig Harbor, WA - USA * 253-851-1099 *  * BSM 62-65

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