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Cristo300Brasulista #178

Newsletter of the early Brazilian missions, #178
December 23, 2014

 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In this issue:
Passing of Sister JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton
Missionary super reunion set for October 1, 2015
Free APP:  Brazilian Portuguese for LDS missionaries
C. Elmo Turner missionaries recover interesting documents – are you one?
One member’s life of service:  José Benjamin Puerta (English and Portuguese)
Brazil and Europe tours
A Christmas poem


We note with sadness the passing of Sister JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton on December 14, 2014, who had presided with her husband Sherman Hibbert over the Brazil Central Mission in about 1969-1972.  Read her obituary at

Joahn-HamiltonJoAnn Hamilton

1938 - 2014 | Obituary |  Condolences

JoAnn Hamilton Obituary

Oct. 10, 1938 ~ Dec. 14, 2014

JoAnn Long Hibbert Hamilton died peacefully in her sleep on December 14, 2014 from complications of post-polio syndrome. She was born to Meredith Marshall Long and Ella Angerbauer Long and grew up in Brigham City, graduating 4th in her class from Box Elder High.

She attended BYU and graduated with an English major. She married Sherman H. Hibbert in the Salt Lake Temple, August 26, 1959. They lived in Idaho and Utah where Sherm practiced Law. They served as Mission Presidents in Sao Paul Brazil then moved to Bountiful, Utah to raise their 8 children. Sherm died of cancer on November 18, 1978. On January 15, 1982 JoAnn married Fred Hamilton, a widower with 13 children.

JoAnn had a passion for teaching the gospel. She taught course 16 Sunday school for 16 years as Fred brought bean bags weekly for her students to sit on. She taught early morning Seminary, lectured for BYU Education Week, Women's Conference and EFY. She lectured across the United States and in Canada, Portugal and Brazil. She authored books and produced CDs of many of her talks.

She was a strong advocate for families in the war against pornography. She wrote columns for newspapers, served as American Mothers President for Utah, and founded Citizens for Families--Coalition for Community Standards. She felt an urgency to teach the importance of protecting children from inappropriate media. She worked nationwide and internationally to establish child-appropriate community standards. Some of her writing can be found at

She loved her family above all else. She found the good in life daily despite health problems. She loved music and found joy in playing her violin.
JoAnn was preceded in death by her brother Richard Long, her mother Ella Long, her father Marshall Meredith Long, and grandchildren, Mason and Esther Hibbert.

Surviving JoAnn are her husband, Fred Hamilton, her children Dale Hibbert, Jill Buss, Steve Hibbert, Mona Agamez, Dan Hibbert, Becky Barnett, Bonnie Pittman, Dave Hibbert, James Boley, Skip, Rick, Paul, and Rob Hamilton, Pauline, Nora, Nellie, Carol, Kim, Penni, and Jody Hamilton, Merri Sharma, and Sean Hamilton.

Funeral services will be at 1:00 pm, Saturday Dec. 20, 2014 at the LDS Chapel at 165 S. 1000 E. Bountiful, Utah. Friends may visit family Fri. Dec. 19th from 6-8 pm at Lindquist's Bountiful Mortuary, 727 N 400 E. and Sat. Dec. 20th from 11:45 to 12:45 at the Church prior to services. Interment Bountiful City Cemetery following services.

Condolences may be shared at

Published in Salt Lake Tribune from Dec. 17 to Dec. 18, 2014


Dear missionaries,  Every three years or so we hold a “super reunion,” inviting all who receive the Brasulista, no matter which mission you served in or when.  We typically serve great Brazilian food prepared by Brazilian sisters (wonderful volunteers) during the afternoon and visit throughout the afternoon. We have break-out sessions for the groups of particular presidents. We have an evening meeting at 7 pm in a chapel, with a few speakers sometimes including even general authorities who are kind enough to attend.  We honor our various mission presidents and their wives.

We have scheduled the next super reunion for Thursday, October 1, 2015, at the Orem Utah Cascade Stake center in Orem, Utah.  This is a call for volunteers in the area who would like to help bring it to pass.  Please respond by email if you would like to help.  Everybody, calendar the event and plan to attend. We have a reunion fund which will cover most expenses.

Former Brazil mission presidents are invited to coordinate your other reunions to enable you to attend this event where possible.


Dear Alf, For the benefit of Brazil-bound missionaries (young and old) I have developed a free APP that is now on the Apple store with the title “Brazilian Portuguese for LDS Missionaries” It provides an opportunity for missionaries assigned to serve in Brazil to begin learning Portuguese months before reporting to the MTC. Specific, step-by-step instructions as to how the missionary should lay the groundwork for gaining expertise in Portuguese are provided through seven short videos and numerous sidebar commentaries. Similar to a classroom presentation the APP has the advantage of being reviewed over and over again.

Also the APP has the PDF version of the 140-page text Brazilian Portuguese for Missionaries. Copies can easily be printed. And the 205 videos that accompany the text are all now available on YouTube at


I hope these materials will be of help to many who have an interest in Brazilian Portuguese. Um grande abraço,  Ron Dennis (BM 60-63)

Alf’s note:  Ron Dennis, former executive secretary at the CTM São Paulo, speaks Portuguese as well as any American I ever heard speak it.



Elmo-TurnerLois & C. Elmo TurnerThis interesting item comes from Jean Turner, daughter of our beloved President C. Elmo Turner (BSM 64-67).  She and her sister, Jill, are living with their dad to give him care and company.  “Dear Alf!  How perfect that you should write just now -- I'm hoping you can help me contact several missionaries!

Elder Terry Alan Jensen and his wife just came to visit dad on their way to the Moscow Russia mission as CES missionaries, and they just wanted to stop by and thank dad for all he did for Terry as a young missionary.  As they were preparing to leave, it occurred to me that we have "Last Will and Testament" documents from many, many missionaries, and ran to get dad's file to see if Elder Jensen had written one.  We quickly found it, and he was thrilled to read it and called it "a treasure!"

Jill then said, "We should have taken these to dad's (90th) birthday party as so many missionaries came there!  Oh well. . .”

Reading these, it is clear that they were written by missionaries just before they went home, and the testimonies and experiences shared are sweet and powerful.  It appears that there was a questionnaire that they were to respond to telling cities where they served and sharing spiritual experiences and challenges, as well as commenting on how to better the work.  

I'm sure that some of these missionaries may have passed away, so if you have any information about their families, I will track them down and send their "Will" to them.

Here are three ways they can receive their “will” from me:

I can get them scanned and then can email them their copy. You can invite them to email me their request at my email address:

Or, a self-addressed, stamped envelope can be sent to:

C. Elmo Turner
1616 West Cornerstone Way, Bldg. 8
South Jordan, UT  84095

If missionaries would like to come visit and pick up their "will," have them call me on my cell and we'll set up a time to visit.   Jean Turner  801-597-7286

Thank you in advance for anything you can do!  God bless you for keeping so many people connected to the gospel, to Brazil and to each other!

Love, JeanTurner   

Alf’s note:  I am in touch with most of these persons by email. Those with whom I am not in contact are marked by an *.  (I have indicated those whom I know to be deceased, but welcome other information.)

Here is the list of the names.

Jay H. Harker
Eldon Judd West, Jr.
James Rogers Steverson
George G. Granata, Jr. (Deceased 1998)
Larry Stone Brown
George Benson Whittle (Deceased 2011)
Harvey J. Pugh (Clark)
Laurence Douglas Israelsen
Ronald Dee Wheeler
Gale C. Lynn Roberts
S. Robert Leaver
Tom L. Day
Roland Woodhouse
Werner Glen Weeks
Dan W. Weller, Jr. (Deceased 2002)
D.G. Seals (Deceased 2002)
Tom F. Gunn*
John Francis Scoresby
Alan Yorgason
Keith Douglas Morgan
Gary Ralph Monk
Robert Lawrence Goff
Warren V. Bigelow, Jr.*
Richard N. Christensen
Robert Bills
Nancy Hale
Lonnie B. Hales (a letter to Pres. Turner)  
Lee Howard Radebaugh
Wallace Don Hartman, Jr.
Douglas H. Shaw
Betty Carol Norris
Stephen L. Roth
Christopher Chapman Lund
Paul Ray Taylor
Robert Ernest Werner
Ralph F. Klomp
John Wayne Sims
Robert James Gunn
Dean Albert Packham
Albert Ross Bowen
David William Campbell
Curtis G. Booth*
Sister Lynne Thomas
James Biltron Hughes*
Edward Allen Eitner Francom
Lonnie B. Hales
Norman M. Lund, Jr. (Deceased 3 months after mission)
Robert Wesley Kempton*
John Bruce Parker
Paul Gregertsen Ross
Donald Garth McPhie (Deceased 1999)
John Price Ball
Glen R. Hanson*
Mary Miner
David Lee Powell
Ralph Barclay Woodward
John H. Cooper*
Ronald Lee Kuehne
Stephen Kay Frazier  (Deceased 2010)
Harold DeWayne Diehl (unconfirmed reported deceased)
David L. Rasmussen
Robert Hoggan Hoffman
Melvin Sullivan
Richard Sidney Cook
Ronald L. Enloe*
Owen Kenyon
Nicholas Bybee Howes*
Harold Don Norton
Brian Malcolm Greer
Richard Lee Gordon (Deceased 2002)
David E. Beck
Carl Jean Tracy*
Lyle G. Sidwell
Sister Karla Toland
Gary J. Newman (Deceased 2002)
James Lynn Beck
James Alan Lyle
Dwight Craig Alldredge
Reed W. Dilworth
Clive Cahill Ingram
Ronald Meeks*
James Robert Smith*
Roydon Olsen
Dennis Joaquin Davis
Jay Bryce Thorup
Leonard Lamb
Henry W. Simpson, Jr.
Roger Kent Sommers
William Ronald Enser
Jan Curtis Johnson
Donald J. McClellan
Michael Kenneth Reichert
Mark M. Zaugg
Lewis P. Zollinger
Robert Edward Drummond
George M. Leavitt, Jr.
Stephen Hicks Ross
Dennis Milton Ward
Philip Ray Mattingly*
Glen Moss (Deceased 2003)
Denis Russell Hawkins
Walter Alan Norton
William John Paddock
Theodore K. Davis
Stephen Leroy Nebeker
Marvin Salmon Durrant
Edward Rodney Peterson
Douglas Leavitt
D. Roger Conrad
Gary Bishop

*not currently located

Michael Leavitt's Note: Can you help us find these 13 people?

Tom F. Gunn*
Warren V. Bigelow, Jr.*
Curtis G. Booth*
James Biltron Hughes*
Robert Wesley Kempton*
Glen R. Hanson*
John H. Cooper*
Ronald L. Enloe*
Nicholas Bybee Howes*
Carl Jean Tracy*
Ronald Meeks*
James Robert Smith*
Philip Ray Mattingly*


Paulo-PuertaSister Rita & President Paulo PuertaOn a visit to the São Paulo Temple we had a great visit with President Paulo and Sister Rita Puerta. President Puerta mentioned his father’s service in the Church.  I was so impressed that I asked him to share the information with me in writing. I have translated it into English as best I can.  Enjoy. Read it in Portuguese at the bottom of this newsletter.

Historia de José Benjamin Puerta  
(By his son, Paulo Puerta, President of the São Paulo Temple in 5/14.)

My father was born March 31, 1924 of Spanish parents who were part of a large Catholic family of the interior of São Paulo state. He learned of the Church of Jesus Christ in December 1964 and was baptized by Elders [Norm] Larson [who is deceased] and MacCalling [McCullough, whom I have not located].

Six months after his baptism he was president of the Bosque Branch and with the creation of the first stake in 1966 was called as a member of the stake high council and then counselor in the stake presidency.  On 11/28/71 he was called as president of the São Paulo stake and in 1978 was called as first counselor to President (Finn B.) Paulsen in the new São Paulo Temple. With the death of President Paulsen in 1979 he took his place and in 1981 President Kimball called again and called him to complete “his own” three years as Temple President.

At the end of 1984, in a SP Stake Conference, my father, was seated on the pulpit at the side of General Authority Elder Didier, who said:   “You are now being called to preside at the CTM [MTC São Paulo]; but since the CTM president has already left and the new president has not yet arrived, then for some months you will preside at the Temple and at the CTM.

Soon after being released in 1985, he was called to be Secretary to the Area Presidency, in which capacity he served various presidents until 1993 when he was called to open and serve as President of the Florianopolis Mission, by President Hinckley.  And since he was already almost 70 and as he had already served so much time, President Hickley said that he did not have to serve for the normal three years but two years would be fine.

My father did not agree with the “two years,” because he felt he could serve three years, to which President Hinckley said they would speak more of it in two years.  After two years the Missionary Committee called and confirmed the “three years.”

When the three years were up and all the mission presidents had finished their callings and returned home, the Missionary Committee called again and asked him to stay a few more months until the new president could arrive, because his wife was ill.

Finally, after three years and two months as mission president he returned home on a Saturday night and the next day at church he noticed the stake president and others leaders arriving. He was happy and honored feeling there were there to welcome him, but when the meeting began, under the direction of the Stake President, the President announced that the new Bishop of the Jardim Caxingui Ward (which had been without a bishop for two months) would be brother José Benjamin Puerta—Bishop Puerta.

He served as a sealer since 1978, but now comes as a patron.

João 5:17..... "E  Jesus lhes respondeu: Meu Pai trabalha até agora, e eu trabalho também.”

About President Paulo Puerta:  “My mother’s name is Diva.  I was 17 when Dad joined the Church.  He was 40 at that time.  My sister Sandra was 16.  I am married to Rita Cundari who was baptized at age 13 in 1963 and we have six children and 16 grandchildren.  Sandra is married to Homero Amato and they have five children and 13 grandchildren.


Historia de José Benjamin Puerta  
(By his son, Paulo Puerta, President of the São Paulo Temple in 5/14.)

Meu pai nasceu em 31/03/1924 de pais espanhóis e eram uma grande familia católica do interior de São Paulo. Conheceu a Igreja de Jesus Cristo em dezembro de 1964 e foi batizado pelos elderes Larsen e MacCalling.

Após 6 meses de batismo já era presidente do Ramo do Bosque e com a criação da 1ª estaca em  1966 foi chamado como membro Sumo Conselho da Estaca, cons. da Estaca e em 28/11/1971 foi chamado Pres. da Estaca São Paulo e em outubro de 1978 foi chamado como 1º cons. do Pres. Paulsen no Templo de São Paulo e com o falecimento do pres. Paulsen em 1979 ele recebeu um telefonema do Pres. Kimball chamando-o para subtitui-lo Após os 3 anos, 1981, o Pres. Kimball ligou de novo e chamou-o para agora cumprir os "seus" 3 anos como pres. do Templo .

No final de 1984, numa conferência na Estaca São Paulo, meu pai que estava sentado ao púlpito ao lado da Autoridade Geral, Elder Didier, que disse: "Você agora está sendo chamado para presidir o CTM; mas como o CTM já foi embora e o novo pres. não chegou,então, por alguns meses você vai presidir o Templo eo CTM".

Logo após ser desobrigado em 1985, foi chamado para ser Secretário da Pres. da Área, no qual serviu a várias presidências até  1993 quando foi chamado para abrir e servir como Pres. da Missão Florianópolis pelo Pres Hinckley e como estava com quase 70 anos e como servia há tanto tempo o pres. Hinckley disse que ele não precisava servir por 3 anos como normalmente,mas que" 2 anos" já seria bom.

Meu pai não concordou com os" 2 anos", pois achava que podia servir por "3 anos" então o Pres. Hinckley disse que iriam falar disso em "2 anos". Após os" 2 anos" o Comitê Missionário ligou e confirmou os "3 anos".

Quando acabaram os "3 anos" e todos os pres. de missões terminaram seu chamado e voltando para casa, o Comitê Missionário liga de novo e pediram para ele ficar mais alguns meses até que o novo pres. pudesse chegar pois sua esposa estava doente.

Por fim com 3 anos e 2 meses com pres. de missão voltou para casa num sábado a noite e domingo foi à igreja e notou ao chegar a presença da pres. da Estaca e outros líderes. Ele se sentiu feliz e prestigiado achando que era as boas vindas,mas quando a reunião, dirigida pelo pres. da Estaca, anunciou quem seria o novo Bispo da Ala Jardim Caxingui  (a ala estava sem bispo há uns 2 meses),o irmão José Benjamin Puerta , Bispo Puerta.

Ele ainda serve no Templo de São Paulo  como selador desde 1978.

João 5:17..... "E  Jesus lhes respondeu: Meu Pai trabalha até agora, e eu trabalho também.

About Paulo:

Bem eu tinha 17 anos when Dad joined the church. Minha irmã Sandra tinha 16 anos. O nome de minha mãe é Diva , naquela época meu pai tinha 40 anos. Sou casado com Rita Cundari que se batizou com 13 anos em  1963 temos 6 filhos e 16 netos. A Sandra é casada com Homero Amato eles tem 5 filhos e 13 netos

TWO TRIPS (previously announced)

April 2015 Southern Brazil with Magical Machu Picchu

Our friend Dick Jensen (BSPS 78-80) has designed another marvelous trip for our alumni and families and friends, next April 21 to May 5.  Incredibly, this is the first time one of these tours includes BOTH Machu Picchu, Peru, and southern Brazil with the Foz do Iguaçu! thanks to new flights available.  This combines definite highlights of South America in one trip.  Check out this itinerary with tantalizing photos at

Dick and his partner Alan McKay have the knack of putting together dream trips at a price that others cannot match.  I am pleased to host some of their trips—usually to Brazil.  Your hosts on this trip, however, are my friends Larry and Cheryl Stamps, who share my love of Brazil and adventure.

Our Jensen tour of Machu Picchu two years ago featured a fantastic local guide, an English-speaking descendent of the Incas!  Please be aware that the Peru trip takes the traveler to high Andean altitudes and involves some challenging walking when not on the plane, train or bus.  But oh, what scenery!

Another Tour

Cruise Italy, Spain, France & More! – April 11-29, 2015

I will be in Europe at the time of the above trip, hosting a tour previously posted by me in the Brasulista—a cruise tour from Miami to Rome with stops in Spain, France and Italy on the way.  Sign up for that one if you want the luxurious cruise life and Europe, again at a great price.  See it at

Come join me if you can! Alf Gunn

Note: Passport and Brazil visa needed for the Brazil trip.  Dick can help with this and other details.  Register soon.  The number for Alan McKay and Dick Jensen tours is 801-917-1131.

My april tour


Cada criança na terra é santa,
Cada berço uma humilde manjedoura,
Cada casa um estábulo escuro,
Cada palavra amável um hino,
Cada estrela uma joia de Deus,
E cada vilarejo é Belem,
Porque Cristo nasce e nasce de novo,
Quando vive amor nos corações dos homens.  
----W. D. Dorrity, 1909

Every child on earth is holy,
Every crib is a manger lowly,
Every home is a stable dim,
Every kind word is a hymn,
Every star is God's own gem,
And every town is Bethlehem,
For Christ is born and born again,
When His love lives in the hearts of men.
----W. D. Dorrity, 1909

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Boas Festas, tudo de bom e um Ano Novo iluminado e promissor para você
e os seus.    Com amor, Alf e Marcia Gunn

 Alf Gunn of Gig Harbor, WA - USA* 253-851-1099 *  * BSM 62-65

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