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Newsletter of the early LDS Brazilian missions, #160

March 14, 2013

Bom dia, gente!  Enjoy this issue.  Vale a pena!


In this issue:

  • “Como as Vidas Mudam” film about how one missionary reconnected with Brazilian saints  
  • Mission reunions announced for April.
  • A story of prayer answered
  • How to make Pudim de Leite Condensado
  • Tips:  Link to Latin America news items; translation site and app.
  • Called to Serve – Nauvoo, Recife Temple, São Paulo
  • Visa Delays
  • Fruits of the Labor – from the Porto Alegre Temple
  • Did you ever get stoned on your mission?

“Como as Vidas Mudam”

Brother David Beck (BM 72-74) shares this 30-minute documentary film, in Portuguese, about his son Jeff, his mission to Brazil and how he reconnected later with members he taught and learned of changes the gospel of Jesus Christ had made in their lives.  “Como as Vidas Mudam.”   



Brazilian Mission, Wm. Grant Bangerter group
Our reunion will be held on Thursday, April 4, 2013, at the Alpine Stake Center, 98 East Canyon Crest Rd in Apline, just north of the Bangerter farm.  The meeting will begin at 6PM.  For further info check out our website at . Contact is Kim Russell at 801-432-7463. (

Brazilian Mission, Asael T. Sorensen group

Friday, April 5, 2013  7-10 pm   LDS Chapel, 6350 S. Rodeo Lane (1550 East), Holladay, UT  Program and visiting, cookies, milk and guaraná. Contact is Gary Kay 801-277-2307, cell 801-419-2668 or Dave Richardson 801-262-5988 cell 801-891-6639 (

Brazil Porto Alegre Mission 1977-1980 Souza Group

Alf, thanks for the great email newsletters.  For your information, the missionaries of the Brazil Porto Alegre Mission from 1977-1980 who served under President Jason Garcia de Souza have organized a reunion and birthday party for President and Sister Souza. President Souza will be turning 80.  The reunion is April 20th in Campinas, SP.  Many missionaries from the US will be reuniting with their Brazilian companions who are traveling from the far corners of Brazil for this great event.  Tracking down all of the former missionaries is difficult.  Any who want more information should refer to the mission Facebook page at: or contact Jose Marcos Magalhães.  His email address is:  Thanks.  Todd K. Farnworth (

Brazil São Paulo South Mission Reunion, Beitler Group, 1975-1978
Sister Catherine (Beitler) Humphrey (mission mother), announces that
“We are holding a reunion at my place--Presidential Club, 3075 Kennedy Drive, SLC, Utah 84108, on Friday, April 5, 2013 at 6:30 p.m.  We will have a few goodies, share photos and visit. I am making a DVD of my mission slides to give to the missionaries that attend or contact me.  Thanks, Catherine (Beitler) Humphrey (
Contact for info 801-906-0335

Brazil North Mission, Hal Johnson group, 68-71
Friday, April 5, 2013 7 pm  Feijoada dinner! Puxa!
Stake Center 450 South 100 West, Orem, UT 84058
Contact Ron and Cecelia Fischer 801-224-9855  RSVP please


Brazil South Central Mission, Nelson Baker group, 1972-1975
Friday, April 5, 2013  7 pm to 9 pm
President Baker’s home, 10885 South High Ridge Lane, Sandy, UT
Contact Larry Madsen 801-558-8988

Item from Alf:  Thought I would share a public affairs article which I wrote a few years ago for our local weekly newspaper’s On Faith column, based on my personal experience with a man named Jim Anderson.  I dedicate it to all those who serve and have served senior missions.  It is a reminder that such service is the Lord’s work.

God delights in heart-felt prayers always

  It was late summer of 1994 and Jim Anderson sat in his hot tub and looked at the stars above his Gig Harbor, Washington, home. The crusty 62-year-old retired businessman counted his blessings, including Sharon, his wife and loving companion of 27 years. But he felt something was missing in his life.

  “God,” he said out loud, “It’s time for me to get my life in order.”

  That was the way Jim prayed, in his straightforward, retired Marine Corps way. “I want to learn more about the Mormons,” he said.

  When he was in his early 20’s, Jim had been impressed by the man his mother had married, an Idaho potato farmer and a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  When Jim visited the farm they had talked, and Jim was impressed with the way John lived his religion.  Still, life beckoned and Jim was off to serve his country in the Marine Corps.

  So now in the hot tub Jim looked heavenward and continued, “But I don’t want to learn from those young boys, God, I want to learn from someone my own age.”

  A couple days later, using the phone book, Jim reached an LDS member in nearby Tacoma and explained to her how he had talked to God in the hot tub, and how he wanted to learn about the Church but not from those young boys but from someone his own age. She listened and encouraged him to contact the Washington Tacoma Mission, that someone there would help him.

  The next day Jim called the mission office, headquarters for some 170 missionaries that serve in southwestern Washington, and spoke with the receptionist, Sister Gay Kaiser. He explained the hot tub prayer and how he had told God he felt it was time to learn about the Church, but not from those boys but from someone his own age.

  Sister Kaiser said he might want to talk to her husband, Elder Kaiser, and made an appointment for the following day.

  Gay and Beryl Kaiser were empty-nesters who had accepted a Church call to a service mission in the Washington Tacoma Mission, leaving grandkids and their home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to serve the Lord by helping the young missionaries with their fleet of cars and staffing the office.

  When Jim arrived early at the mission office the next day, Elder Kaiser was tied up, but Jim was greeted by two young Sister missionaries. Soon he was telling them how he had sat in the hot tub and said, “God, I want to learn about the Mormon Church,” and how that brought him to the office that day, but no thanks, he didn’t want to learn from the young sisters, but “from someone my own age.”

  Soon Elder Kaiser came and the two men found an office and chatted. Jim told Elder Kaiser his story, about telling God how he wanted to get his life in order, and how he had admired the Idaho Mormon potato farmer and now wanted to learn about the church, but from someone his own age.  Elder Kaiser asked, “Well how old are you Jim?”

  Soon they were both pulling out their driver’s licenses to prove that, sure enough, they had both been born on the very same day, 62 years earlier.

  “I must be careful what I pray for,” said Jim, “for God has answered my prayer.”

  Then Elder and Sister Kaiser did something the young missionaries, bless their hearts, rarely have time to do. They visited with the Andersons week after week for long, patient, two-hour discussions about the gospel of Jesus Christ and they shared dinners at each others’ homes. They became dear friends over a period of months.

  Jim gained a testimony of the truthfulness of the Church and was baptized in December of 1994. I became his home teacher and he told me of his prayer and his conversion. His life was in order and he was square with God when, the following May, a heart attack took him home.

  Then Sharon, who had been reluctant to be baptized up until then, asked the Kaiser’s to teach her more, and she too was baptized by Elder Kaiser before the couple finished their mission and returned to Iowa.

  There’s a lesson in there somewhere, and I think it may be that God is good, and He knows his children and delights to answer their heartfelt prayers.      –Alf Gunn

Have you been “bonzinho”?  Then you deserve Pudim de Leite Condensado!Pudim de leite

Go to

to see a recipe for “Pudim de leite condensado” and then, better yet, watch a Brazilian young woman demonstrate how to make it at  all in Portuguese.  (This was the most informative that I found.)  (YouTube title:  “Pudim de leite condensado – Cozinha pra 1”)


  • 3 OVOS


Language tip

I am finding that Google Translate is a great tool on my laptop, and even a better app on my smart phone since I can talk to it in English (voice recognition) and see it in Portuguese.

News links to Brazil


Want to keep up on Latin America and Brazil?  Here is a service that comes to my email almost daily and has articles about Brazil and Latin America, with some in Spanish.  It is a quick link to published news articles and opinion columns.  I find it very informative. It is called “Just the Facts: A civilian’s guide to U.S. defense and security assistance to Latin America and the Caribbean.”  select  “sign up for email updates”

Called to serve

Curtis Broadbent (BM 63-65) and his wife Marilyn, of Logan, UT, will be leaving April 8 for an 18 month mission in Old Nauvoo, IL, officially the Illinois Nauvoo Mission.  The Broadbents were on our 2010 tour of Brazil and were good company and a lovely couple.  During his first mission, Curtis taught Aldo Francesconi, who later served as bishop more than once and stake president and who recently retired after many years as manager of the São Paulo CTM.  Thanks to their friendship with Curtis Broadbent, the Francesconi’s hosted some of us at their fascinating country home after a shopping tour of Embu das Artes, SP, on our last day on the 2010 tour. We feasted on Brazilian food at its finest and had a good old time with their family.  Congratulations to the Broadbent’s on the new calling.  We are sure they will be loved as much in Nauvoo as they were in Brazil. (

Norm Potter (BSM 65-67) and Sara Potter of Kaysville, UT are called to serve in the Brazil Area Headquarters.  Norm will serve as the Area Mental Health Advisor and Sara as the Area Mental Health Assistant Advisor.  They hope to start their mission in July in Utah while waiting for visas. Elder Potter has worked as a clinical social worker in the Army Family Advocacy Program, including at Korea and Germany.  Congratulations to them on the call. (  

Kim Barney (BSM 62-65) of Kaysville, UT, writes:  My wife Karen and I have just been called to be temple missionaries at the Recife Brazil Temple, to depart in September.  I am super excited but wish we could leave sooner.  Karen is nervous because she says she knows only "obrigada" in Portuguese, but I know the Lord will bless her and she will be fine.  I love reading the Brasulista and getting news about others who have been called to serve again.  I'm sure you have inspired many others to serve couple missions.  Keep up the good work.  Von Kimball ("Kim") Barney (


Note:  All of the senior missionaries being called to Brazil at the present time, as well as the young missionaries, are experiencing visa delays.  The mission calls set the dates of entering the training centers ahead five to seven months, apparently anticipating the visa delays.  My understanding is that while the senior missionaries remain at home before departing for their missions, language training is available to them via Skype and telephonic tutoring.  Alf

Fruits of the Labor – from the Porto Alegre Temple

PortoAlegreTempleThis note from President Alan Craig (BSM 67-69) of Falls Church, VA, currently serving in the Porto Alegre Temple: 

Alf, A temple office has the responsibility to link the living and the dead for ordinances and the presidency often needs to contact bishops and stake presidents to check on those that show up and have forgotten their recommends, so there are tools for reaching out and finding people.  With the help of some records and a few phone calls I was able to talk yesterday to Olga Ferreira da Silva Prado, a sister I taught and baptized in 1967.  It was a special blessing to know that she and her husband Ayrton were sealed in São Paulo before his death, and that her daughter, only two when the family joined the church, served a mission and now has a son serving on a mission.  Irmã Prado is in Ala Princesa dos Campos in Ponta Grossa, which now has two stakes in place of the branch that existed when she joined.  Finding someone who I worked with who has helped in that growth was very gratifying.  Thanks for the help with finding Elder VanLeuven who was the other one who taught her.  Anyone else who thinks they might have known the Prados can find a picture here:


Thanks for all you do, Alan Craig, Second Counselor, Porto Alegre Brazil Temple  (

Table TalkBook note:  My friends John and Tina Bushman have written a book called “Table Talk” that would be a great gift for families with small children.  It encourages fun conversations around the dinner table.  It is a paperback for $9.99 at Deseret Book, Amazon, etc.  Read about it at .   John is a supervisor for the Church Education System in my area.

Were you stoned during your mission? I mean stoned like Stephen, not stoned like Timothy O’Leary.  I was talking by email recently to Elder David Egbert who is serving a senior mission in Canela and Gramado, RS, and I mentioned that Gramado was the only place on my mission where I was stoned as a missionary.  Elder Egbert was curious, since missionaries did not serve in Gramado until years later, so here is my story.  My missionary district in Rio Grande do Sul, which was Canoas (where I was), São Leopoldo and Novo Hamburgo, as I recall, went to Gramado for a district training meeting.  I was green and don't know if I appreciated where we were, in that lovely German settlement.  We stayed at a nice resort for a night as I recall.  At night we had a campfire down a hill from our lodging and were talking around the fire when someone began rolling rocks down into our group--fist size to cantelope size rocks.  After a few minutes of these being rolled down at us as we sat ignoring them, our District leader, Elder Frank Fox, said, "Okay, brethren, we meet back her in 5 minutes.  On the count of three.  One. Two. Three!!"   Whereupon we did a very un-Christian thing, running up the hill in the dark whooping and giving chase.  Never caught anyone.  Didn't feel terribly persecuted.  But, c'mon, we were stoned!  Sorta.

Forte abraços,

Alf Gunn (BSM 62-65) - Gig Harbor, WA -

David O. McKay



"The greatest need in the world today is faith in God and courage to do His will." —David O. McKay   (In Conference Report, Apr. 1963)

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