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Newsletter of the early Brazilian missions, #149
September 24, 2012
Oi, Bom dia queridos irmãos!
South Brazil Tour:  In case you missed it, read about the April 2013 missionary tour of the South of Brazil at the bottom of this newsletter.  This trip is filling up fast with some 30 persons signing up in the first week it was offered. Still more room, but inquire soon.

In this issue:
Trivia Question:  What was Emperor Dom Pedro II’s full name?  
Reunion Notices:
Brazilian Mission
Asael T. Sorensen group;
Rex and Howells group;
Beck and Hicken group
Brazil Central Mission, Hibbert group
President O. P. “Bud” Arnold doing well at 95
Mission Calls
"All because two people fell in love"
Passing of Zelma Zalit, pioneer member of Rio Claro
New mission presidents 2012

Trivia question

What was Emperor Dom Pedro II’s full name? (A guaraná Antartica to the person who can tell me the full name without looking at the answer.)  
 Trivia answer

I was interested to learn that Brazil’s Emperor Dom Pedro II (1825 - 1891) had visited Salt Lake City on 22 April 1876 during a tour of the United States and other parts of the world, and it is mentioned during the Lion House tours today that he was hosted there by then elderly President Brigham Young.  From Wikipedia information I figured that Dom Pedro II was 50 at the time of the visit.  Dom Pedro II’s complete name was Pedro de Alcântara João Carlos Leopoldo Salvador Bibiano Francisco Xavier de Paula Leocádio Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga.  Whew!  Known as “O Magnânimo” he is regarded nostalgically by Brazilian historians as the greatest Brazilian.  (Of course, not counting Pelé.)

Reunion Notices

Asael T. Sorensen Brazil Mission Reunion, Thursday, October 4, 2012, 7-10 pm
LDS chapel at 6350 S. Rodeo Lane (1550 East) Holladay, Salt Lake City, UT
Contact persons are Gary Kay (801-277-2307)  Cell: (801-419-2668)
or Dave Richardson 801-262-5988 Cell: 801-891-6639 (
Please alert ex-missionaries, their spouses, widows, widowers, Brazilians whom we served with, and others who would like to join us for this reunion.
Brazil Central Mission Reunion 1969-1972 President Sherman Hibbert group
Friday, Oct. 5, 2012  7:00 pm
Sandy Canyon View Stake Center, 9119 South 1300 East, Sandy, Utah
Potluck Dinner and Presentation by Mark Grover of BYU
Table for “lembranças” available
 Contact person is Rich Wager  801-377-6906
Brazilian Mission, Wayne Beck, Lloyd Hicken groups
Friday, October 5, 2012, 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Val Vera Ward Building, 2633 South 50 West, Bountiful, UT
Contacts:  Wayne Selph  801-253-1955  801-541-6067
Wayne Hale 208-251-2050  208-237-6892
Speakers: David Beck, President Hicken, Elder Stan Ellis
Refreshments and visiting afterwards
Brazilian Mission, Rex and Howells group, 1947-1953
Thursday, October 4, 2012, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
Grant Stake Center Pavilion, 3410 South 1100 East, Salt Lake City, UT
Contact: Lloyd Stevens   801-266-1962
Lunch at noon. Come and enjoy!

Q. “Dear Alf, Brasulista #143 re: WWII service mentions "Bud" Arnold. An Elder Orson P. Arnold of Anaheim, California, opened my Belo Horizonte Branch (where I was born and raised) in 1939.  Are they one and the same?”  Fred Hanke, Monrovia, CA (
A. Yes, Fred, Brother Orson Pratt Arnold (BM 38-41) is known as Bud Arnold. He served in the US Army Medical Corps during WWII. He has served four missions in Brazil, including presiding over the Brazil South Mission (70-73), a proselyting mission in Curitiba (89-91) and a Porto Alegre Temple mission (00-02).  He and his (4th) wife, Pat, a lovely sister, reside in Orem, UT.  He celebrated his 95th birthday in April and is doing well. (

Mission Calls

Richard (BM 65-67) and Sandy Tidwell have been called as temple missionaries for 18 months at the Curitiba Brazil Temple beginning December 2012. We look forward to serving together in the temple. We are currently temple ordinance workers in the Provo Utah Temple. We have experienced many blessings that have allowed us to be called to serve on this mission. We are interested in making contact with any who have served or who are serving as temple missionaries at the Curitiba Brazil Temple.
Richard and Sandy Tidwell   (
Elder George and Annette Leavitt are called to serve in the Porto Alegre Temple beginning in January of 2013. They previously served in the Recife Temple. George is returning to the city where he served in 1965.  (
Porto Alegre Temple President Lennis Knighton (BM 56-59 and RdeJ 87-90) will be returning home on Nov 1, and President J. Merrill Warthen (BM 66-68 and BSPIM 93-96) of Henderson, NV, is called to preside at that temple. ( and
Brother Alf Gunn, Sister Broderick and I are serving as Humanitarian Service missionaries in the Cape Verde Islands. We will be completing our service in April of 2013 and want to invite Portuguese speaking couples to consider putting in their mission papers for this service. There will be lots of exciting work waiting for whoever is called to serve here next.  We have enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy, but the time is passing much too quickly) this experience greatly and can highly recommend it for other senior couples who would consider a humanitarian assignment. Rather than extol the opportunity more, let us say we would be happy to communicate with anyone interested who wants to learn more.  I served in the Brazil Central Mission 70-72 under President Hibbert.  Janet and Dennis Broderick (
Elder DH Broderick, A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias, Missão Cabo Verde Praia, Serviços de Bem-Estar, Móvel: (238) 993-2500,

Item: "All because two people fell in love"

 “Alf: Thanks for the Brasulista. The recent article on "How to find a wife" reminded me of a page in my "I.P. Book". Do you remember those 6-ring heavy black 4 X 7in. binders we used to keep notes in and expanded research of scriptures and other quotes? I had three of them and still keep them in my ready reference library at home. We weren't supposed to be on our trunks and considering too far in the future about marriage, but these were prophetic. Even before my mission I had copied in the blank pages of my father's Bible a quote from Stephen L. Richards on his definition of a home. *
Then later, during my mission, when we shared IP Book entries, I had one, a letter, "To my dream girl." I was talking with my wife today about the surprises the gospel holds, blessings you would not or could not anticipate but which come as a result of the correct principles the Prophet Joseph Smith spoke of. These principles were laid out in those two references to marriage. I only had one contact with the girl who would become my wife during my mission. I was mission secretary at the time and had written a letter to President James A. Cullimore of the Central British Mission, who also had been our District President in Oklahoma during my teen years. His reply back to me had the initials of his secretary who transcribed it. Of course, I didn't pay any attention to the initials at that time, but nearly a year after we returned at the same time from our respective missions and I learned of her service in her mission home, I discovered the initials on the letter I had saved, and it has become an important part of the separate journal of our courtship letters. The rest of the story is Beth and I are coming up on 50 years next year since that first meeting. As for the children spoken of in President Richard's definition of family, with an announcement this week we will have had 50 grandchildren born in our covenant. Our kids gave us a plaque posted over our annual family photo poster: "All because two people fell in love". I don't know how anyone could have explained to us early on what to expect.”  Elder Bill Choate, (Brazilian Mission, 60-63) (
*(President Richard's definition of "home,” from a July 1953 Improvement Era issue. "I define home as being a divinely appointed institution in which a servant and hand maiden of the Lord prepare themselves in righteousness to receive chosen spirits coming from our Eternal Father and give them bodies in the flesh for mortal probation and then undertake with all the power at their command to lead those spirit children entrusted to their care back into the presence of God whence they came.")

Passing of Zelma Zalit, pioneer member of Rio Claro

Zelma Strikis was born on October 5th, 1920 in Vainode, Latvia. She had three brothers and sisters. In the early 1920s, some Baptist congregations feared that Latvia was doomed. Their leader directed them to emigrate to Brazil. Zelma's family was in the second group when she was two and a half years old. The group joined the growing Latvian community of Varpa, Brazil. She did well in school there, even playing the reed organ in school. She became conversant in both Latvian and Portuguese. She was adventurous yet restrained. When her brother's buddy (Jacob Zalit, also Latvian-born) asked to date her, she agreed. They dated for five years, marrying when she reached the age of 21 -- so that they would need permission from no one. Her husband was a talented hard-worker. Since boyhood he had liked photography. He was employed in a photo shop in São Paulo. When the time came for their first child to be born Jacob realized that he wanted to be independent, so he started his own photo shop (in Rio Claro), which thrived. Their son, Frederico, was born in 1946. One day in 1950 two young men in suits came in to the shop saying their film wouldn't wind in their camera. He easily fixed that, and invited the young men to his home. Jacob soon had a testimony of the gospel, and was baptized on May 15, 1951. Zelma was reticent, but with the encouragement of the ladies in the small branch, was baptized on August 14. Jacob could not hear well, and it was soon clear to him that doctors in the U.S. could treat him. Soon after joining the Church, the family applied for visas and waited. Meanwhile, Jacob served as the Rio Claro branch president. Finally the visas came, in 1960. They emigrated in July and settled in Los Angeles, near the doctor's office. The operations on Jacob's ears didn't happen for yet three years. But Jacob easily found employment in a photo shop, then moved to another job, and was promoted. He served as finance clerk in the Hollywood Ward for ten years. He and Zelma went to the temple in 1966, in Los Angeles. In 1990 the couple retired, and toured the U.S. by car. In 1998, they served a mission in the Porto Alegre South Mission. In 1999, they returned to Lativa and gathered ancestral names, some by small miracles. Their son, Frederico had married and had four boys and two girls. In the year 2000, he died. A few years later, Zelma suffered a stroke, but regained most of her faculties. The couple moved to Utah to be near their grandchildren. Three of the grandsons served missions -- one in Brazil, as did their son. Zelma learned English, and made afghans, baby blankets and shawls. She loved to read. She loved cooking feasts and meals. She sang songs and loved listening to the church choir. She kept lovely roses and geraniums and had a spunky, funny sense of humor. Her nickname among her posterity was "Vovozinha", meaning, "Dear Little Grandmother." She was never afraid to step out on faith and live a full life. Zelma died Tuesday, August 28, 2012.

Item from J. Ross McLaws:  Brother Zalit is still alive and his address is 3935 Rivendell Road, Taylorsville UT 84129.  He lives with a grandson as his only son preceded his mother in death.  He is fragile but very alert of mind, in fact he remembered me from 1955.  He would love to hear from any of you that knew him.  He was the branch president for nine years from 1952 until 1961 according to his grandchildren.


April 2013 Mission Reunion Tour of the South of Brazil
Okay folks, here it is, by popular demand!  See it at
  “For some, this tour is designed as a nostalgic return to the land where they served as missionaries in their youth, to “matar saudades” with the kind and easy-going people they came to love.  For others, it is a cultural adventure like no other, into the land of Samba and Bossa Nova, all-you-can-eat barbecue buffets and the endless beaches and spectacular jungle sights of Brazil!  Brazil!  Brazil!”
  Dick Jensen (BSM 80-82) of Alan McKay and Dick Jensen Tours has designed this tour in response to our missionaries who long to return to the beautiful Gaúcho south of Brazil, and to walk among the Paraná pines, and to swim the warm waters of the surfing beaches of Florianôpolis!  Top it off with a wild power boat ride up to Iguaçu Falls and you have a bucket-list dream trip come true.  
  We will go to church with the members in Porto Alegre, RS, and Foz do Iguaçu, PR, and enjoy firesides in places like Florianôpolis, Joinville and Curitiba. We will play tourist in Gramado and Canela and Ponta Grossa.  Your tour hosts will be Dick Jensen and Alf Gunn, in coordination with Brother and Sister Adalton and Délgia Parrela of Floripa.
  This tour is open to everybody, regardless of where you served your mission.  Invite your family and friends who might be interested in seeing Brazil.  Experience tells me that we will be in fine company with our fellow saints.  Tour is from April 16 to April 30, 2013.  Please sign up early so that Dick can secure the flights at the low rates he has arranged for our group.

Item: Links to articles about Brazil

A Los Angeles Times article re African immigrants in Brazil today,0,1610809.story

Clayton Cook inquired:

Alf I have not seen mention in the Brasulista of my old companion Dennis Layne Wright being called to serve as mention president in Rio Grande, I may have missed it, I don't remember the mission.  He has been in country for a couple of months now.  He and I served together in Lajeado in 69-70.  He was my best companion and a great missionary and I know he will be a great mission president.  Thanks for all the work you do to keep us informed!
Yes Dennis, he is serving in Porto Alegre.  See below.
Dear readers,  If you were a companion to or acquainted with any of the new mission presidents, please send me a note like the one above so we can get to know them better.  Meanwhile, here is what I posted in April in Brasulista #144:
Our congratulations to those presidents who are completing their service and to those just called to Portuguese-speaking missions:
Mission                                   Current President   New President
Brazil Belem                          Jose C. F. Campos    Jose C. Scisci
Brazil Belo Horizonte           Adilson Parrella        Paschoal F. Fortunato
Brazil Campinas                     R. Marshall Tanner Carlos E. Perrotti
Brazil Cuiaba                        Cleto Oliveira            Keith R. Reber
Brazil Porto Alegre North   Edison Pavan              D. Layne Wright
Brazil Porto Alegre South   Curtis F. Swenson     Palmenio Cunha Castro
Brazil Salvador South          Helton Vecchi           Marcelo Andrezzo
Brazil Sao Paulo East                       Joaquim J. Moreira  Ronald A. Ferrin
Brazil Teresina                      Mario A. Dias            Alvacir Luiz Siedschlag
Portugal Lisbon                    Moroni B. Torgan      Stephen L. Fluckiger
Mozambique Maputo                        Loren Spendlove       Paulo V. Kretly
Presidente Alvacir Luiz Siedschlag and Aurea Fumie Satto Siedschlag are from Nova Prata, RS, near Caixias do Sul, RS.
President Marcelo Andrezo, born in São Paulo city, is from Santa Catarina.
President Paulo Vicente Kretly (BRecifeM c82) President and CEO of FranklinCovey Consulting Brazil, has been serving as a counselor at the CTM São Paulo, and his wife, Sister Adriana Kretley, as a counselor in the Relief Society presidency at the CTM. Both are from São Paulo state.They will preside in the Mozambique Maputo Mission. (Google him to see YouTube interviews.)
President Layne Wright (BSM 68-70) and his wife Marian are from Draper, UT.  His twin brother G. Lowell Wright (BNM 68-70) previously presided over the Russia Moscow Mission (after majoring in Russian), but passed away in 2011 of cancer. Want to go back to Rio Grande do Sul?  Contact President Layne Wright. (
President Ronald Ferrin (BM/BNM 68-70) and Sister Marcia Ferrin of Salt Lake City, UT, were at the recent missions reunion and are looking for missionaries who want to join them in the Brazil São Paulo East Mission. (  
Elder Stephen Lynn Fluckiger (BCentM 71-73) and Dorothy Horlacher Fluckiger (BSoCentM 72-73) of Dallas, TX, will preside in the Portugal Lisbon Mission. He has been serving as an Area Seventy in Texas. He writes, “With land purchased for a temple, there is a focus on "real growth" with missionary and reactivation opportunities. Some of the Brazilian couples who have staffed the office and served in the mission presidency are slated to return to Brazil this year. One works in the office and proselytes in the evening (the office elders are among the highest baptizing in the mission and the couple is a great factor in this). We'd really like to find some former missionaries who served in Brazil or Portugal to help out with the work.” (
Alf’s note:  Lisbon is a place where you can still ride a bonde.  
President Keith Reber (BPASM 72-74) and Sister Stephanie Reber of St. George, UT, were at the (April) reunion. They will preside in the Brazil Cuiabá Mission. (I bet a lot of you folks don’t even know where that is.) Contact him at
Forte abraços,   Alf Gunn   253-851-1099   Gig Harbor, WA


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