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Newsletter of the early Brazilian missions, #140
November 23, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

In this issue:
Missionary Tour and Cruise Planned for Fall 2012
Care for Life in Mozambique
President Oakes and the Campinas Temple
Janice and Alan Craig at the Porto Alegre Temple
Teresa and David Eastman at the Madrid Spain Temple
Vonda and Bruce Louthan called to Public Affairs mission in Africa
Making connections between Brazilians and their missionaries
Diane and Paul Wheeler speaking Portuguese in Toronto
Veja magazine sends a reporter and photographer to Salt Lake City (in Portuguese)

Item: Missionary Tour Planned for November 23 to December 11, 2012
From Spain and Portugal to Brazil, including a 16-day cruise with seven city tours and LDS church services on the high seas. Base price is $1999 per person, a fraction of the normal price. Singles, at your request we will seek another single to be a cabin mate. Your tour hosts will be Larry and Cheryl Stamps and Alf Gunn. Complete details at or Google “Dick Jensen Tours.”
Portuguese-speaking Mozambique and Care for Life
In case you missed the recent Deseret News article about the development of Care for Life, a wonderful initiative in Mozambique, see it at this link:

The title of the article is: Seeds of Hope: How one American woman is helping Africa help itself
I became aware of Care for Life about seven years ago when it was in its infancy. Now it has become an exceptional initiative, based on solid principles. Blair and Cindy Packard, who founded it, were called to preside over the Mozambique Maputo Mission from 2005 to 2008, and Darryl Hobson, former president the of Cabo Verde Praia Mission, has been involved in its development. João Bueno (BPAM 74-76) is program director for the organization and had brought it to my attention years ago. Please be aware of it and consider how you might help. The informative CFL web site is Here is a note to me from Blair Packard:
  “Care for Life keeps moving ahead and building on our successes and what we are learning. It is lifting so many out of the deepest depths of poverty. Our program director, João Bueno, would love to take it to Brazil someday, his home country. Surely, there are poor communities the world over. Our end goal is to develop CFL’s Family Preservation Program into something that is so successful that many organizations will adopt its principles and practices into their own development and relief efforts worldwide. Thanks for all you do. You have a remarkable record of keeping people informed and tuned in to the progress of building the kingdom in Brazil. Regards, Blair”
Temple a refuge of peace in Brazil
Here are some excerpts from a recent letter from President George Oakes of the Campinas Temple to a personal friend of his:  “Dear Roger, Yesterday, as I walked to the temple through the gardens, I noted all of the people sitting on the grassy hillside, sitting around the fountain and standing around talking to one another. They were dressed in their Sunday best which includes for the men a white shirt and tie. The children were running and playing and no one paid much attention to them. Why? Because here on the temple grounds they are safe and surrounded by loving caring people. One man sat on the concrete walk against a palm tree with his two little boys seated, like him, cross legged listening to him read the scriptures and talk about the temple. As I looked around and as I thought of the surroundings from which most of them had come and the difference in the environment here on the temple grounds, the spirit spoke to me that Heavenly Father is pleased with the Brazilian people and that what I observed is a lot like it will be in the millennium.
  “Yesterday, I had the privilege of sealing a young man and his bride. He had served his mission in the Northeast with one of my missionaries who is now a mission president. He called me his grandfather. It was wonderful to see their love and hear him speak of his mission. He has been a member about three years. We daily experience with the members their tears of joy as they receive their endowments and feel the spirit of this Holy House.
  “Friday, we had a bus from our temple district, which was coming from a long distance to work in the São Paulo Temple, experience a serious accident. The stake patriarch was killed. When we heard the news we were saddened and we were sorry that we did not have room for them in our temple apartments. It highlighted for us the great distances they travel and the dangers they face to come to the temple. We did take one of their couples who was to be sealed into our lodgings and yesterday, we sealed them and we fed them and gave them bus fare to return home. They had lost their luggage, their money and their fellow members' support, so we stepped in and helped them complete their journey. When I say we, I helped a little, but the members working here who have far less than I have did the most. I am thankful for my temple missionaries and their sacrifice and hard work. We have eleven couples, one American couple and ten Brazilian couples..
  “Give my best regards to everyone and remember, you and Suzie could go on a golfing mission to Dixie, just kidding. However, a six month mission to help a mission president caring for the missionary apartments or mission cars and strengthening a mission branch would be a great experience for both of you.  George Oakes”
Here is a note from Alan (BSM 67-69) and Janice Craig of Falls Church, VA, serving in the Porto Alegre Temple. If you have any interest in serving a temple mission in Brazil their blog - – is informative.  
 “After waiting over 200 days, our visas arrived and we got tickets a week later to Porto Alegre. We have now been here for three weeks. Things are going very well. The new apartments on the temple grounds aren't completed yet, and it looks like it may be a while before they get done, but the apartment we are in is only a short walk away and while small, will work just fine while we wait. The extra weeks waiting for our visas meant that we have missed any winter weather. It is now spring here and we have even had a few days that would count as summer.  People have been great. The other missionaries have helped us get settled, and the people we work with in the temple are all very supportive. Anyone that is interested can follow our adventures on our blog -
  “Like most other places in Brazil, the temple here has slots for senior missionaries that are staying empty. One of the couples here will go home in March, and no one is currently slated to take their place. If there is anyone that gets your emails that is considering coming and would like to ask questions or get some encouraging words, please email or call us. The blog has a lot of information about what we are doing to get settled, but doesn't necessarily answer specific questions.  
  “We are clearly needed and being used to do all of the temple ordinances.  My wife, with her very limited Portuguese, has been initiatory director, and yesterday while she was doing that, I was officiating an endowment session.
  Um abraço, Elder Alan Craig, Templo de Porto Alegre (
703-873-7872 (a Skype number that connected to us here)
What is it like to serve at the Spain Madrid Temple?
My friends David Eastman (BSM 62-65) and his wife Teresa took time-out from their many missions in November 2010 to sail from Italy to Brazil with our missionary group, and we were able to share some of their talents. David is my language mentor. They have lived in Idaho and Florianópolis, SC, Brazil. They write:  
  “Dear friends,  Today was a very special day for us. During our morning shift we had the opportunity to work together at the veil for all sessions in French, Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish and GERMAN. Sister Eastman presented the sisters and Elder Eastman received them. For German we used the cards and it was a very special experience. I guess now we'll need to memorize the ordinance in German also and Elder Eastman is now prepared to do the ordinances in RUSSIAN.
   “We sure are learning a lot and the Lord has blessed us with health and strength to do our work. Today Sister Eastman was invited to teach the Relief Society lesson at the Spain MTC to the lady missionaries that arrived this week. They only speak Portuguese. Also, this Sunday evening Elder and Sister Eastman will be giving a special fireside in Portuguese to all the missionaries that have arrived this week. Thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf. We love you. Elder and Sister Eastman” (
Africa calls
From Bruce (BSM 68-70) and Vonda Louthan of Moab, UT, are embarking on an adventure:   “Dear Alf: We have been assigned as public affairs area specialists to the new Zambia Lusaka Mission in Africa. The Zambia Mission also includes the country of Malawi, just dedicated to the preaching of the Gospel last week by Elder Russell M. Nelson. We will be based in Lusaka and cover that mission and Angola and Zimbabwe, for a total of four countries in three missions. Angola, of course, speaks Portuguese and is part of the Mozambique Maputo Mission, while the others speak English as the common language. We will still report to the Public Affairs office for the Southeast Africa Area in Johannesburg. I am excited to be able to serve using Portuguese. And the assignment to Public Affairs is really exciting and challenging. We will enter the MTC in Provo on Dec 12 and fly out of Salt Lake on Dec. 19, serving for 2 years. Best wishes. God bless. Bruce and Vonda Louthan (
Item: About once a month I get a request from Brazil to locate a missionary or missionaries. At General Conference I enjoyed meeting Brazilian Sisters serving on Temple Square. I mentioned the Brasulista project to Sister Tatiana Iglézia there and she took my email address for her mother. When her mother wrote, I learned the names of two missionaries I did not have on my list. Fortunately, I was able to locate them. I love it when that happens. Here’s how it goes . . .  
Ola Irmão Alfred Gunn, sou mãe da Sister Tatiana Iglézia que esta servindo aí no Temple Square. Sou e estou ativa na Igreja desde 1972 quando ELDER RONALD T. DRAPER E ELDER GREEN me batizaram em março de 1972. Adoraria saber sobre eles, e minha filha  me disse que isso seria possivel com a sua ajuda, então estou na esperança de que tudo dé certo....e que eu possa lhe dar bastante trabalho, mas vitoria tambem....desde já obrigada. Izilda Iglézia  (
Olá querida Irmã Iglezia. Muito obrigado pelo recado.  Eu não tinha ouvido do Elder Draper antes de receber sua pedida. Felizmente, eu tive sorte em localizer seu bom missionário, e falei com ele hoje. Ele lembrava de você, irmã, e com info da historia da missão que ele manteve, ele notou que seu nome foi Izilda Aparecida Martins, de 15 anos, em Santana. O companheiro dele foi o Elder David E. Green de Sacramento, CA, mas sendo este nome muito comun eu não tenho muita confiança em localizer ele logo. Vamos ver. Fico muito feliz em ajudar os santos fieis do Brasil.  Um abraço,   Alfred Gunn
Cara Irmã Iglezia. O Elder David E. Green ainda mora em Sacramento, CA. O email dele é O endereço é 3841 Regent Road, Sacramento, CA 95821 EEUU.  
Um abraço,   Alfred Gunn
I also am able to assist missionaries to make contact, where possible, with members in Brazil with whom they may have lost contact.
O Canada
Elder Paul Wheeler (BSM 65-67) and Sister Diane Wheeler of Logan, UT, find themselves in a very international mission:  “Even though I never served in Porto Alegre, I rode the bondes whenever we visited Porto Alegre to cash checks. We are still riding bondes, but this time in Toronto. We can hear the wheels as they cross other tracks, the screeching brakes, and the bell day and night from our apartment. We are Portuguese-speaking missionaries assigned to a Spanish ward in downtown Toronto. We gave up driving in the busy city, so we take busses, the subway, and of course the streetcar (bonde). They are electric, as they were in Brazil, but they stop to load and unload passengers and are not as crowded (even though we often have to stand up).  We were called to the Canada Toronto East Mission as member and leader support (MLS) missionaries, entering the MTC May 16, 2011. Our original call said nothing about language, but we received an e-mail from Salt Lake stating that they had made a mistake, we were to be Portuguese-speaking. Sister Wheeler has been working hard with the language and can read the Book of Mormon in Portuguese, but there is little opportunity to practice speaking. We are assigned to a Spanish ward (with a Brazilian bishop), but there are few active Portuguese-speaking members. They come from Portugal, Brazil, the Azores, and Angola. The Canada Toronto East Mission and the Canada Toronto West Mission were combined the first of July into the Canada Toronto Mission. We are on our third mission president since we arrived in Canada. The Portuguese-speaking elders have been transferred to English-speaking areas so we are on our own for the Portuguese work in Toronto (and all of Ontario). Hopefully some will return this next transfer.  Paul  (
Okay, folks, here is your real Portuguese lesson for the day:
Salt Lake City – Repórter da Revista Veja visita Salt Lake City e prepara matéria sobre A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias
O repórter André Pettry e o fotógrafo Gilberto Tadday, da Revista Veja, chegaram em Salt Lake City, no sábado, 1º de outubro (2011). O objetivo da viagem foi conhecer mais e melhor A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias. “Aqui nos Estados Unidos vivemos o chamado: “Momento Mórmon”. E conhecer o trabalho da Igreja é importante”, disse André. Ambos foram recebidos pelo Departamento de Mídia da Igreja.
A visita teve seu início durante a 1ª Sessão da Conferência Geral, na manhã do domingo, enquanto o jornalista assistia atentamente os oradores, o fotógrafo circulava pelo Centro de Conferência registrando os momentos. Pettry ficou surpreso com o tamanho do centro de reuniões, mas não só isso, achou o Coro do Tabernáculo Mórmon impecável e a reunião em si, um momento singular: “Não esperava que uma reunião de duas horas de duração seria tão agradável. Gostei dos oradores que são harmoniosos e descontraídos. Tratam de assuntos relevantes com simplicidade e suavidade, sem ser uma coisa maçante”, comentou ao final da conferência. Após, ainda no local, conversou com algumas pessoas, entre elas, líderes de outras religiões que estavam presentes.
André Pettry é correspondente da Veja, a quarta maior revista do mundo, com mais de 1 milhão e cem mil cópias publicadas por semana, há cerca de 25 anos. Desde 2008 atua como correspondente internacional desse veículo de comunicação em Nova York.
Durante os dias da visita, ambos conheceram a Praça do Templo, onde foram recebidos por Sister Tobias e Sister Chaves, ambas do Brasil, elas foram entrevistadas. Comentaram sobre o sentimento de servir uma missão. Os visitantes também visitaram o Museu da Igreja onde conheceram mais sobre a história da Igreja e da região. “A história da cidade esta ligada aos mórmons de forma direta. Esse museu é magnífico. Preservar a história é fundamental”, comentou André. Ainda na tarde de domingo, entrevistou Gary Neeleman, Cônsul Honorário do Brasil em Utah.
   Na segunda-feira, dia 3, a visita foi na Universidade de Brigham Young (BYU) e no Centro de Treinamento Missionário (CTM). Na BYU, ambos visitaram o complexo – circulando num carrinho de golfe -  e puderam almoçar com os professores dos Cursos de Português, Literatura e Comunicação Social – Jornalismo. No prédio de Comunicação visitaram os estúdios e redações. “Essa universidade é impressionante”. André fez questão de assitir ao Telejornal da Universidade no Estúdio.  
Ainda pela manhã, André Petrry e Gilberto Tadday participaram de uma aula de Edição na Internet, foram questionados pelos alunos e compartilharam suas experiências profissionais ativamente na aula. Após o almoço, junto com outros estudantes do Curso de Literarura Portuguesa, sentados como alunos, assistiram uma aula.
Na sequência, a visita foi no CTM. Conheceram toda a estrutura do Centro de Treinamento Missionário, que a cada semana tem uma movimentação de 800 missionários. São 400 que chegam e outros 400 que partem para o campo. A estrutura é tão grande que diariamente são movimentadas 4 mil cartas e pacotes pelos Correios. São cerca de 50 idiomas sendo ensinados. No auditório, cabem cerca de 2.300 missionários e no refeitório 800. André Pettry estava muito interessado em conhecer esse trabalho. Durante sua visita conversou com missionários que estão indo para o Brasil, assistiu uma aula de português e conheceu o funcionamento do programa de ensino.
Os comunicadores também conheceram o Centro de Ajuda Humanitária e o Centro de História da Família. E na conclusão da visita, o repórter entrevistou Élder Neil L. Andersen, do Qórum dos Doze Apóstolos e o Élder Claudio Costa, Setenta, Presidente da Área Brasil. A conversa aconteceu no escritório do Élder Andersen. André buscou conhecer mais sobre a visão da Igreja quanto a política e a possível canditadura de um membro da Igreja para a Presidência dos Estados Unidos, também quis entender sobre o atual momento da Igreja nos Estados Unidos e no mundo. “Não é meu objetivo saber sobre a doutrina ou assuntos polêmicos da história da Igreja, como a poligamia. Isso já ficou no passado. Meu objetivo é saber sobre a Igreja hoje”, comentou o repórter.
Élder Andersen foi muito cordial e aberto. Conquistou ao repórter com sua sinceridade e disposição. Após, todos foram para a Praça do Templo para registrar em fotos a entrevista. “Gostei muito do Élder Andersen. Ele foi muito aberto e receptivo”, expressou Pettry.
Nas próximas semanas, segundo o repórter, ele trabalhará no texto da matéria. Não há uma data específica para publicação. “Deixo Salt Lake City com alegria e gratidão. Todos estão de parabéns”, expressou o jornalista.   
That’s it for now, brothers and sisters.
Forte abraços,
Alf Gunn
Gig Harbor, WA (email Brazil and mission info only, please)


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