Alf Gunn BadgeBrasulista #133


Newsletter of the early Brazilian Missions, #133

August 15, 2011


Dear Elders and Sisters, Greetings!



In this issue:

Recipe for Pão de Queijo

“Brasil Doce Lar” film online

Church Archives and Brazil historical documents

Hosting Fernando Henrique Cardoso at Notre Dame

Last call for Italy to Brazil cruise

Organ recitals at Temple Square

Update: MTC São Paulo

Called to Serve – many senior mission calls

Some interesting senior missionary experiences


We extend our sincere congratulations and thanks to mission presidents recently released and to the new mission presidents who began their service on July 1.


As promised in the last Brasulista way back in May, see the attached recipe for Pão de Queijo, the Brazilian cheese bread. I didn’t think you could get this outside of Brazil, but here it is—the real thing.


Don’t miss this! “Brasil Doce Lar” online at  

President David Beck of the General Young Men Presidency and the son of former Brazilian Mission President Wayne Beck, advises that the touching short film about his parents’ mission to Brazil after World War II is now online: “The full versions of Brasil Doce Lar in Portuguese, English and Spanish are now online. They can be accessed at   Um abraço, David Beck”


Every young missionary you know who is going to Brazil should watch this film!


Item: Your humble writer of newsletters is pleased when things work out for folks. I occasionally get inquiries as to whether I want some Brazil items of possible historic worth. I generally refer folks to the Church Archives, and am able to give them the name of Elder Ronald Young who is serving a marvelous mission there. Here is one positive note for your information:


“Dear Alf, Thank you for your work with the Brasulista, and in contacting people. We (Archives) just acquired four large albums of well-organized black and white photos of Brazil and its missionaries of 1938-1940, from Margaret Turner Gooch, daughter of J. Wilmore Turner, a great missionary of 1938-1940. She constantly mentioned, “Alf Gunn told me to contact Elder Young,” as we reviewed the albums with our Brazil archivist, Scott R. Christensen, this morning. She stopped in with her extended family; they are vacationing in Heber City. Her home is in Arizona, as you know. Thanks again, Elder Ron Young, Church History Library, Room 320-E, 15 East North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84150, (801) 240-2174


Re Presidente Fernando Henrique Cardoso

I had recalled that my mission associate, Nancy Hale Hall (BSM 63-66), once hosted Fernando Henrique Cardoso when he visited Notre Dame University. She writes “Alf, Thank you for the article about President Fernando Henrique Cardoso.  Your call and Brasulista #132 article brought back a special memory. I remember hosting him when I was working at the Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame.  I was the administrative assistant to the Director and Assistant Director of the Institute from 4/89 to 4/95.  I'm not certain when I met him, but Cardoso was at the University in 1991 to receive an honorary doctor of laws degree, and he published papers with the Institute.  He may have been on campus another time during my time there.  I think I met him before he became President of Brazil in January of 1995. I do remember him as a very gracious man.  (At times like this I wish I had my journals indexed!) Nancy Hale Hall (


Last call for the Italy, Spain, Morocco, & Brazil – Old to New World Cruise which will be Nov. 17 to Dec. 8, 2011. For details Google Dick Jensen & Alan McKay Tours and select South America, Brazil. This is a repeat of our marvelous trip of last year, and will be led by Larry and Cheryl Stamps who are wonderful hosts. The price is right. Time is short, considering the need to obtain visas. Also, they are looking for a female roommate for a lady who is possibly interested in an inside cabin for the cruise. Any questions, contact Mark Jensen, 801-917-1131,,, Dick Jensen & Alan McKay Tours.


Elder James Welch (BSM 70-72) of Palo Alto, CA, one of our distinguished alumni, is a professional organist. Please be aware of the following Utah performances, which are free.


Friday, September 2, 2011, 7:30 p.m.

Widor Symphony No. 5, Widor Symphony No. 5

The Mormon Tabernacle, Temple Square
Salt Lake City, UT  


Another on December 30, 2011, at noon

The Mormon Tabernacle, Temple Square

MTC São Paulo

This note from Carlie Arntsen, wife of David Arntsen (BSM 64-66), shares some interesting news about missionaries being trained at the MTC São Paulo: “Alf:  I am sitting at my desk looking at your brother.  He's in our office working on some PEF calls.  He's been in Brazil so long he has an accent in English!  Our mission assignment was changed from Employment to Humanitarian last March and we have been busy with the many projects here in Brazil.  Our mission ends in three weeks and we will return to Houston.  David has been a branch president at the MTC here and we have begun receiving missionaries from Japan who are here to learn Portuguese and serve in Brazil, as well as Brazilians who are studying Spanish to go elsewhere.  We have missionaries from most of the South American countries learning Portuguese as well. It's been a real thrill to serve.  Much love...Carlie Arntsen (”

Called to Serve – Congratulations to these folks!

Marie and Rich Scadden (BM 66-68) of Kaysville, UT, who were on our Brazil tour of January 2010 write, “Alf, We are very excited to be able to serve in the same areas we had the chance to see on our tour. We finally were able to get a visa in April after waiting for six months. We arrived in São Paulo on April 30, 2011 We understand the visa process is getting better now. We are assigned to work in the Area Office in the PEF (Perputual Education Fund) Department. So far it has been an exciting, beautiful, friendly and interesting experience. We love the Brazilian people and have met many great members of the Church. On Sunday's we have the opportunity of attending church with the Elders and Sisters at the MTC in São Paulo. Several of the senior missionaries serve in branch presidencies there and really look forward to that part of their assignment.  Right now there are 13 Sr. couples here where we are. They serve in Legal, Medical, Audit, Mission/Area Office, Humanitarian/Employment, PEF and Temple assignments.  We have a great time doing things with each other. We would just say that the senior missionary experience is great and would encourage everyone to take advantage of any opportunity they have to serve anywhere in the world.  Elder Richard and Sister Marie Scadden (


Nancy and Robbin Henderson (BSM 63-65) of St. George, UT, are called to serve as Country Directors for Humanitarian Latter-day Saint Charities in the Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission. In May they wrote,“We are very busy preparing for this assignment (including learning a new language) and are looking forward with great anticipation to our work there.” They entered the MTC in Provo on July 25th and left for Cambodia on August 8th. As I recall they previously taught English in China, perhaps twice. They send periodic email reports so if anyone wants to follow their mission, contact Robbin at


At the MTC Elder Henderson met Elder David Eastman and his wife Teresa. “We were companions in the BSM in 1964...what a wonderful surprise and reunion after all these years. They are on their way to Spain to serve as Temple Missionaries.”

Joan and Stuart Hall (BSM/Central 68-70) of Idaho Falls, ID, have received a 23-month mission call to the Maputo, Mozambique, Africa Mission. “We will enter the mission home on Sept. 29th. We are very excited and nervous at the same time. From what we have learned the national language is Portuguese, the European variety. I have listened to a little of it from the conference talks in other languages and I have to say it sounds very strange to me. We did have a chance to talk to our new mission president, President Spendlove, and I asked him what I could do to prepare to speak the language down there. He said they are very familiar with Brazilian Portuguese because they watch Brazilian soap operas on television and when they have a choice to watch general conference in European of Brazilian Portuguese they always choose Brazilian. Then he said they mix both together and add some of their native dialects so you won't understand anything anyway so just wait till you get here! That gives me a lot of reassurance. If anyone out there has any words of advice that might help us, please let us know. It will be appreciated. Sincerely

Stuart Hall (


Norma and Willie Christensen (BM 62-64) have been called on an 18 month mission to the Campinas Brazil Temple and will enter the mission home December 5, 2011 (

Linda and Keith Morgan (BSM 64-66) of Tempe, AZ, are pleased and excited about a call to serve in the Brazil Salvador South Mission as member and leader support missionaries for 18 months. They enter the MTC on November 28.  (


Reunion of the Lynn A. Sorensen Brazilian South Mission group

President Sorensen is pleased and looking forward to a reunion. The reunion is tentatively scheduled for Friday September 30 2011, 6:00 pm at Little Cottonwood 5th Ward, 6350 S Rodeo Lane, SLC, Utah 84121, but email Bill Shurtleff at to confirm or learn of any changes of venue. President Sorensen wants to keep things simple—so probably Guarana and donuts. If any of you sisters have ideas for food and would like to volunteer some services please let me know. Please RSVP if you think you will really be here so we can plan space and food. I don't expect there will be as many as last time but the more the merrier for Pres. and Sister Sorensen. (

John W Buckles (BM 65-67) of Cedar Hills, UT, shares some interesting experiences: ”In November 2008, Gail and I returned from two years as Area Public Affairs missionaries for the Europe Area under Pres. Robert Oaks. We were based in London. Our mission was marvelous and we had the privilege to work with and assist several of the Brethren, write articles for Church News, travel through 18 countries, manage the Church's UK websites and coordinate Helping Hands throughout Europe. We can't wait to go back out again, perhaps next time to Brazil! Elder John Carmack of Perpetual Education had interviewed us in 2006 and had wanted us to go to Brasil for PEF but Gail contracted breast cancer so Brazil was not an approved country (5 yr wait). 


In August, 2001, we traveled for a month throughout Brazil, finishing in São Paulo and being asked to speak at my old branch (Santana) at their ward conference. I had baptized seven complete families while there so it was a true tender mercy for me to experience that day. I was amazed how quickly my Portuguese came back during the trip and had no difficulty speaking for about 12 min. While in our downtown São Paulo hotel, I went up to the accounting office to borrow a computer to check emails after hours. The accountant was still there and was on the phone talking with his sister. I could hear references to "bispo", so I casually asked him if things were okay. He was shocked I spoke Portuguese, inquired why so I explained I had been an LDS missionary 35 yrs. earlier. He had been inactive for about 20 yrs. and would not let me leave without giving him a priesthood blessing. Another tender mercy.  Almost every day we enjoyed a wonderful spiritual experience like that. Currently we are Public Affairs service missionaries out of SLC offices working from home here in Cedar Hills. Um abraço, John Buckles


Alf’s note: In 1966 at São Paulo, on a split, Elder James E. Sullenger from San Diego tracted out the family of Ulisses Soares and he and Elder Buckles taught and baptized the family (mom, dad and his 2 older brothers. He was just 7). Elder Soares served as the first president of the SP Cotia Stake and served as president of the Portugal Porto Mission from 2000 to 2003. He was called to the First Quorum of Seventy in 2005 at age 46, and today is President of the Brazil Area. He met his wife, Rosana Fernandes Morgado when they were both missionaries in the Brazil Rio de Janeiro mission.


Enjoy the pão de queijo!


Um abraço,


Alf Gunn

Gig Harbor, WA



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