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Newsletter of the early Brazilian missions, #132

May 16, 2011


Dear fellow missionaries,

Thank you for your patience while I have been rebuilding my email address book. This is the first Brasulista since January. I hope to do some catching up. Enjoy.


In this issue:

Rio de Janeiro from the air

2011 Italy to Brazil cruise planned

Mission Calls—lots of them!

Brazilian music, anyone?

Former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso meets with Church leaders


Item: My dear friends Délgia and Adalton P. Parrela of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, send the link below, sharing a beautiful video of Rio from the air.




Another great cruise planned

Italy, Spain, Morocco, & Brazil – Old to New World Cruise - Nov. 17-Dec. 8, 2011

Dick Jensen has put together a repeat of our Italy to Brazil 17-day cruise, for next November-December 2011. Fly to Milan and tour and overnight before embarking at Savona. Ports of call include Malaga, Spain; Casablanca, Morocco; Tenerife, Canary Islands; Mindelo, Cape Verde Islands; Fortaleza; Recife; Maceió; Salvador da Bahia; Rio de Janeiro and disembarking at Santos. This trip will be hosted by Larry and Cheryl Stamps, who made the 2010 trip a joy.  Go to his web site to check it out if interested.  As always, Dick has secured an excellent price which includes flights to and from, while they last.  

or Google Dick Jensen Tours and find it.

Mission Calls

(These do not include the calls of new mission presidents to Brazil, which I hope to mention in the next Brasulista when I have more info.)


“Alf, Carol and I have received a mission call to serve in the João Pessoa Mission. We report August 22nd, and are in the process of getting the visa paperwork done.
We're thrilled to work with President and Sister Gordon & Janice Hall, our former Stake President. Steve Petrie (BM 61-63) (

David (BSM 62-65) and Teresa Eastman of Filer, ID are excited about their new call to a 2-year temple mission in the Madrid Spain Temple, which serves patrons from Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. They will use all of those languages plus English. Talented folks. The Eastmans have previously served a China Teachers Life-style mission (01-02) and in the Brazil Area Headquarters as Area Public Affairs representatives (06-08). They have recently been serving in the Buhl, ID Spanish-speaking Branch. (


Sister Barbara Taylor Granger (BSM 63-66) and Brother Jim Granger (BSM 63-66) of Dublin, Ohio, have been called to serve in the Family History Library at the Los Angeles Temple Visitor’s Center. They are humbled by this calling, which is new and different from the one they served for the Perpetual Educational Fund at São Paulo (07-08). Barbara had lived in Brazil as a girl with her parents, Vern and Marian Taylor, who supervised chapel construction in the mid 60s. She met Jim at BYU after his mission and they later returned to Brazil and worked there until just before the SP Temple was dedicated in 1978.(


On February 11 Alan Craig (BSM 67-69) of Falls Church, VA, advised of a new mission call: “Alf, Thanks for the email address for President Knighton. Our conversations worked out, and Janice and I received our mission call today to serve in the Porto Alegre Brazil Temple. We report to the MTC in Provo August 22nd and will serve for 23 months. Thanks for all you do to promote service in Brazil, and elsewhere. Second times are great. Alan” (


Elder Randell L. Wilkinson (BSM 69-71) has retired from service as a Superior Court Judge in Orange County, CA, and he and his wife Cheryl have accepted calls to serve together in the Brazil Area Headquarters at São Paulo. Sister Wilkinson will serve in the office of the Area Medical Advisor, Dr. Richard Hill (BNM 69-71) and Sister Kerma Hill. Elder Wilkinson will serve as Associate Area Legal Counsel with Elder Arlen Woffinden (BM 69-71) and Sister Debi Woffinden, who have served as Area Legal Counsel since August 2008.

( ( (


Note: I will mention here that often persons who serve in headquarters also are called to positions in branch presidencies at the Centro de Treinamento Missionário at São Paulo. The CTM is located “across town” from the São Paulo Temple grounds with the adjacent Area Headquarters and a stake center and Lodging facility with offices.


“Alf, My wife and I enjoyed the trip to Brazil three years ago. Since then I have been called to serve in a ward here in Tooele, UT that has some special challenges. Over half the ward is single heads of households with most of them single sisters. It has been a wonderful experience to see the changes the gospel can bring into the lives of people. Perhaps in 2 or 3 years we will get our chance to serve in Brazil. Bishop Dave Quist (BSM 60-63)” (


From the Field

Elder James R. Allen (BM 62-64) and his wife Shirlyn, from Peoria, AZ, write: “Alf, We are serving in Minas Gerais now as Coordinators with CES, but we are now under the direction of Elder Natã Tobias, a Seventy. We live in Ipatinga and work in that District as well as the Districts of Teofilo Otoni, Montes Claros and Conselheiro Lafaiete. In this calling, we are one of only two American couples who have cars and are working in this manner in Brazil. Elder and Sister Woodbury are in Cuiabá but they do not travel as extensively as we do. To visit Montes Claros from Ipatinga requires an overnight stay along the way. Last October the remaining missionaries working in the District of Ipatinga were moved and we were without proselyting missionaries until just this month due to the Visa problems. These outlying areas are hungry for leadership and support. This is the true mission field much as I remember from my mission. I spent almost all of my time in the interior of the state of São Paulo. The members love the missionaries and we feel welcomed and needed. The Seminaries and Institutes here struggle with finding teachers and with attendance when there are teachers. Many times the distances to the chapels are long and money is scarce. We are serving a 23 month mission and will go home next February. Much of our travel here has taken us to towns along the Estrada Real where the history of Brazil has been maintained. This dedicated historic route goes from Diamantina on the north to Paraty, RJ, on the Atlantic south of Rio. Many of the towns such as Ouro Preto have been kept in the historic streets and architecture of the past. They were mostly created to serve the mining sites along the route and to collect the gold, silver and diamonds for Portugal. We have learned much about this history in unexpected ways. Abraços, Elder and Sister Allen (

Returned with Honor

Elder Gordon D. Lyman (BSM 60-63) and his wife “K” of Snowflake, AZ, returned at the end of August 2010 from serving two years in the Portugal Porto mission, including one year on the Portuguese island of Madeira off of Africa, and a second year as the couple in the mission office in Porto. Congratulations to them! (

Brazilian music, anyone?

Would you like to listen to Brazilian music while working at your laptop, smartphone or computer? Discover where you select your favorite kind of music and establish your own radio stations, as it were. For example, you can enter the name João Gilberto as your station and it will play Gilberto and a selection of similar Bossa Nova artists. Some of my other favorite artists are Clara Nunes, Zeca Pagodinho and Bezerra da Silva, but these artists sing what I call wild and crazy samba.  


President FHC meets with Church leaders

Brother Nei Garcia of Assuntos Públicos, A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias at São Paulo shares exciting public affairs notes from Brazil with me quite often. Here is one, for example, that I enjoyed, as the Church presented family history information to the distinguished former President of Brazil, Fernando Henrique Cardoso:

São Paulo - Presidente do Brasil, de 1995 a 2003 - Dr. Fernando Henrique Cardoso recebe um quadro com sua Genealogia e conhece mais sobre A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias

“Vou mostrar esse quadro aos meus netos”, foi assim que o Presidente Fernando Henrique Cardoso, presidente do Brasil de 1995 a 2003, expresssou sua alegria na tarde de ontem, 02 de março, durante encontro com Élder Carlos A. Godoy, 1º conselheiro da Área Brasil, de A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias e Élder Fernando Araújo, Setenta de Área, na sede do Instituto FHC em São Paulo.

Durante a visita o presidente foi surpreendido com um presente oferecido a ele, um quadro – pintura em tela a óleo – com sua genealogia até a sexta geração. Observando o quadro, com Élder Godoy e Élder Araújo, o presidente ficou admirado e relembrando seus antepassados e familiares. Enquanto apreciava, apontava enfaticamente para os nomes dos seus familiares e relembrava alguns fatos. Élder Godoy, ao lado, falava da importância da família e dos elos familiares. Élder Araújo lembrou: “Presidente aqui há seis gerações – mas se pensarmos nos seus netos – eles já terão a sétima e oitava geração”. Nesse momento o Presidente comentou: “É verdade. Vou mostrar esse quadro aos meus filhos e netos. É importante que conheçam essa história familiar”.

Ainda ali, ao lado do quadro, Élder Godoy o presentou com uma estátua da Família. Momento em que o Presidente abriu um sorriso. Fernando Henrique Cardoso foi muito cordial e atencioso.

Durante parte da conversa, foi explicado a ele sobre o Programa Mãos que Ajudam. Com atenção ele comentou: “Essa mobilização voluntária é importante para as pessoas”. Após, ganhou um colete do Programa Mãos que Ajudam. No final, Élder Godoy ainda explicou a ele que a Igreja tem no Brasil mais de 1 milhão de membros, que na Igreja não há clero remunerado e que a Igreja apoia os líderes públicos e as leis, mas que é apolítica. Nesse momento Fernando Henrique esboçou: “Isso mesmo. Deve ser assim”. No final, agradeceu: “Muito obrigado pela visita e pelos presentes”.

O encontro foi articulado por Ruth Grava, empresária e assessora parlamentar, com apoio de Clovis Lemes, Diretor de Assuntos Públicos da estaca São Paulo Perdizes e coordenado com o Luiz Carlos Yamaguchi, Diretor do Conselho de Assuntos Públicos Multiestacas de São Paulo. ( and


That’s it for this issue. Next month I share my recipe for Pão de Queijo. Yes, it is the real thing.


Um abraço, Alf


Alf Gunn (BSM 62-65)

Gig Harbor, WA  

New email: 253-851-1099


For a photo of Gig Harbor, WA, see


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