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Newsletter of the early Brazilian missions, #129

November 16, 2010


Bom dia, irmãos e irmãs! This issue reports many “tender mercies” of the Lord. Hope you enjoy it.


In this issue:

Mission Needs and Opportunities

Fruits of the Labor: “You are one of those people.”

Roger Brown attends Elder Otavio Nagata’s mission farewell

The conversion of the Jasche family at São Paulo (see the attachment)

Facebook site for early Brazil missionaries set up

The Arntsen’s Employment Service mission at São Paulo

Church agricultural initiatives impacting lives, report of Bob Lamoreaux

The Jeppsen’s PEF Mission at São Paulo

More Bible’s needed for Bibles for Seminary Students effort

Items from Darvel Allred and Richard Bramwell



Missionary Couple needed in Cabo Verde Praia Mission

Nov 27, We had a warm sunny day in Mendelo, Republic of Cape Verde, which has a deep water port that is an old volcano crater. A senior missionary couple, Elder Larry and Sister Pat Goff, had arranged with local returned missionaries and church leaders, João Tavares and Mauro Coelho, to provide two busses and act as guides, as they speak English as well as Portuguese, to give us a tour of Mindelo and the mountainous island of São Vicente. The Goffs are serving a welfare mission there and their love of the people and their mission was evident in their smiles positive comments all day. There is a great need for a couple to replace them soon. The Goffs walk a lot on their mission. The country resembles a poor part of Brazil as we knew it years ago, as the economy struggles since the Portuguese granted independence in 1957 and left the country impoverished.


The absolute highlight for those of us who did it was to attend a baptism service in one of the two chapels we visited. A fine young man, Saturnino Rodrigues, age 20, was baptized. We met Sister Jamilee Lords from Washington and Sister Peralta from Portugal who had found and taught him, and four Elders too, two from the USA one from Brazil and the other from Portugal but raised in Australia. The sisters are confident that the young man who was baptized will serve a mission. Among those of us who were able to attend the baptism were Sister Jill and Elder Kent Jolley, formerly of the Second Quorum of Seventy, and Lynn and Pat Wallace who have presided over missions in Brazil and Africa.

(Elder Goff is at


Mission opportunity for Senior Couple in Canada

The Canada Toronto East Mission has an urgent need for a senior couple with Portuguese language capabilities. There is a beautiful Spanish/Portuguese ward, in a beautiful downtown chapel (President Monson’s favorite when he served here). The Portuguese activity has dwindled since a former senior couple left and there is a great need of a couple to replace them. President Chris Eyre, the current mission president, would be delighted to visit with any couples considering a mission and would recommend this location to the brethren when the application is submitted. Feel free to call him with any questions at 416-616-7791.




Item: Here is an inspirational note shared by Karla (Toland) Rosenlund (BSM 65-67) of Gilbert, AZ: My experience in Brazil is a precious memory. We can be so proud of the foundation we laid there and the miraculous growth in the Church today. A lesson on the profound impact of every little thing we did was impressed upon me with an experience I had three years ago on Thanksgiving Day. The phone rang and when I answered I heard a man struggling to speak English and asking for Sister Toland. When I assured him that he had the right person he began his story. He said "My name is Otavio Nagata. You don't know me, but when I was 17 years old, living in Brazil, I saw you sing on television in my own language. You said you were from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and bore a strong testimony and I never forgot that. When the missionaries came to my door I invited them in because of you. Today is Thanksgiving Day, and I want to thank those people who have eternally changed my life. You are one of those people. I joined the Church, married in the temple, served a mission, been a bishop, am a father of four with two missionaries, and am now living in Provo, Utah helping my sons complete their education. I just want to thank you for all you did on your mission." Then his wife got on the phone and thanked me for her wonderful husband and what he means to her. She said, "He is a better man because of the gospel." Of course we all wept and I reflected on the blessings of the work we all did. This summer, while in Provo, I met them all, sang for them again and was honored by him in his ward. I'm sure you know how full my heart is in gratitude to the Lord for His work with the saints. Thank you again, Brother Gunn, for the chance to join with so many others in remembering so much good. (


Alf’s note:   Many years ago Rodger Brown (BSM 65-67) of Camarillo, CA, and his wife attended the farewell of Elder and Sister Nagata of Orem as they left to serve a mission in Recife. Brother Brown had baptized Brother Nagata during his mission. The man who baptized Sister Nagata was in attendance also and had recently returned as a mission president in Brazil. (Who was that??) Later, as I understand, the Nagatas returned to their home at Curitiba, Parana, and served in the Curitiba Temple Presidency. The Nagatas have 4 children, 2 boys, then 2 girls, many of whom have served missions. “How blessed we were to see the far-reaching effects of one baptism” wrote Linda Brown.” (


Alf’s note: If you think that was a sweet story, you must read the attached account, with photos, by Brother Richard Tidwell concerning the conversion of the Jasche family at São Paulo in 1965 and his reunion with them in January of 2010 while on our “Highlights of Brazil” tour and cruise. Both Richard and his companion, Barry Bartlett of Orem, UT, have become friends in recent years. They determined to be hard working missionaries and their lives have been blessed. See the attachment.



“Alf,   I have created a group on Facebook for folks with early Brazilian contact. It can be viewed at the link below. Please publish it in the Brasulista if you will. Everyone on your mailing list is welcome to post pictures and their comments. There is a place to post documents. There is even an e-mail service connected to the group. Mail sent to will go to all members of the group.

Regards, Lenny Lamb (BSM 65-67) (!/home.php?sk=group_130079427047223



This note comes from Sister Carlie Arntsen and my old missionary associate Elder David Arntsen (BSM 64-66). The Arntsens were in our 2006 Brazil Tour group and rekindled a love of Brazil. “Alf:  Thanks a million times over for your faithful service in keeping all of us informed of the work in Brazil. We have been serving as Employment Missionaries in São Paulo for seven months and it has been a blessing in our lives.  When we finish each workshop the participants treat us like rock stars, wanting their pictures taken with us, etc.  Where else could old people be so valued?  A few days ago we went with four other senior couples to Ubatuba to enjoy the beach over the holiday. We attended the small branch of the Church there, and doubled their attendance!  A sister told Elder Arntsen that he looked familiar, possibly someone she had known in the south of Brazil.  He told her that he indeed had served from '64-'66 and named the places: Santa Maria, Curitiba, Porte Alegre, etc.  She said that she was a teenager in Santa Maria and that she remembered him vividly.  Her husband ran home and got her scrapbook and returned to show us each page with missionary pictures and the writings they left for her.  There was David!  The tender mercies of the Lord have been present throughout our mission with other choice reunions.  As we entered the Curitiba temple a few weeks ago we met a young Brazilian sister who served her mission in Provo.  She said that a missionary named Elder Alf Gunn baptized her grandmother when he was here in the ‘60s.  We also got to visit with the Carters outside of the temple.  The Lord is blessing our lives daily and we hope to repay these blessings as we serve for another eleven months.  David and Carlie Arntsen, São Paulo. (


Alf’s note: Brothers Bob and Jay Lamoreaux served in the Brazilian South Mission in the early 60’s and were outstanding missionaries with a beautiful command of Portuguese. Between them now they and their spouses have spent much of their adult lives in Church service in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, and are still going strong. Here are notes from them:



Bob and Pam Lamoreaux write: “We are a little past half way in our 2-yr. assignment as Agricultural Church-Service Missionaries to South America (Argentina, Brazil, & Chile).   Our assignment has been to find local, English-speaking young returned missionaries with Agricultural background who are interested in a career in farm and Ranch Management with the Church's Investment Farms properties in South America.


FRANCISCO NETO (age 25) - The first Trainee was an existing employee (non-member) on the Church's Brazilian Fazenda Sao Miguel in Minas Gerais.   He had already completed his AgroTecnico Degree (Agricultural High School) and was working in the cattle department on the Fazenda.   Noting his potential, he was invited to go the the USA, learn English and obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science. During "Neto's" first year of orientation, he learned of the Gospel and was baptized.   He has now completed his first year of studies at BYU-I (excellent grades), speaks beautiful English, and just went through the temple last month.   In January he will start his second year at BYU-I. He is a wonderful model for those to follow.


LISANDRO CARRARA (age 25) - from San Nicolas, Argentina was our next Trainee.   He was raised in the Church, filled a Chilean mission, learned excellent English from his companions and is in the third year of a five year Agronomy program at the University of Rosario. When he completes his B.A. degree we will offer him a 1-yr. internship one the Church Investment Farms in the USA in preparation for bringing him back to South America.


ADRIAN SITERDE (age 25) - from Santa Fe, Argentina was also raised in the Church and filled his mission to Boise, Idaho - Spanish Speaking. He is part way through a Veterinary Science study program at the University in Santa Fe and looks forward to a training experience in the USA also.


There are a couple of others candidates that are preparing to enter the Training program in Argentina and Brazil and in two weeks my wife and I will make our first "missionary" trip into Chile to initiate the talent search there as well.   Our hope is to find young men prepared for leadership responsibility as the Church begins to acquire farms in Chile.



It has been an interesting and enjoyable experience working with these fine young men.   Certainly it has made us aware of the multiple blessings that we receive and simply take for granted. If you or others know of young men we should consider for this opportunity, please feel free to contact us by e-mail. We are also looking for Spanish and Portuguese speaking missionary couples to help with the work. Richard "Dick" Jones and his wife Rosalie are poised to start their second mission on the Church Fazenda São Miguel near Brasilia. We are committed to finding replacement couples for our missionaries in all three countries so that we can have seamless coverage. With Brazilian Visa complications, we must start almost a year in advance to insure coverage. If we have peaked your interest, please contact us for more information. Bob & Pam Lamoreaux   (


Jay Lamoreaux writes: “We are helping Max & Julie Forbush, a couple in our Farmington, Utah 13th ward prepare for their mission in Lisbon, Portugal. We are excited about the announcement of a temple to be built there.  They are scheduled to fly out of Salt Lake City on Christmas day.  It is enjoyable to teach and speak Portuguese again.” (


Elder Bryce Jeppsen (BM 64-67) of Meridian, ID write: “Greetings Brother Gunn, My wife and I are serving together in São Paulo Brazil and would like to receive your email of the Brasulista.  We serve as specialists for the Perpetual Education Fund and are anxiously looking forward to the Scaddens and any others to join us.  It is a fun group we work with and there is plenty for us to do.  It’s nice to be back in Brazil.  I have wanted for 45 years to take my wife to Brazil and now the Church has provided the opportunity.   Sincerely, Elder Bryce Jeppsen (



From Elder Carlos Litster: “Dear Former Brazilian Missionaries, Thank you for your interest in blessing the lives of the Brazilian Seminary students, the future missionaries, by helping those in need have their own personal scriptures that they can mark and study.  There are 231 stakes in Brazil and many needs for Bibles in each stake. 

“The Bible with the Book of Mormon are great tools in the Seminary Program to help the youth of Brazil learn the principles and doctrines of the Church so that they can be great missionaries, parents and future leaders in Brazil. We are very impressed with the quality of the youth here. A lot of the students are the only member in their family and they walk to Seminary at 5 am. They are dedicated and diligent. 

“The Church has a well established Book of Mormon program, so that need is currently being met.

“With the current rate of exchange, we can purchase a small, quality, indexed Portuguese Bibles for just under two dollars here in Brazil.  It is cheaper to buy them here and it saves shipping costs.  The scriptures will be distributed according to need on a first come first served basis as funds are received.  We also have an agreement that they will be shipped to the Seminary Coordinators at no additional cost. 

“Thanks to those who have expressed a desire to help with this project. We have an account set up strictly for Bibles with my daughter, Becki Pond, of Kaysville, Utah. Any amount will be helpful and each donation blesses another Brazilian youth. 

“You can make your check to The Brazilian Bible Project and mail it to our daughter:  Becki Pond, 844 East 400 South, Kaysville, Utah 84037.  (Her phone is 801-444-0683 and email if needed). Thank you for your help. 

Elder Carlos Litster, SEI (CES) Coordinator in São Paulo

Vonage phone 801-451-6515 connects to Brazil   (

(Note: When it is 8 pm in Salt Lake City it is 11 pm in São Paulo. --Alf)


Note: One couple who have served many years in Brazil made this suggestion:

“Maybe the bishop together with the seminary teacher could suggest a service project like cleaning the church gardens, wash the fence around the grounds of the temple or church or other things, so that they could enjoy the great feeling that comes from service. And those who will receive the Bibles will have the good feeling of not receiving something for nothing because they have given of their time in service projects.”


Brother Darvel Allred (BSM 60-63) of Upland, CA, writes: “Dear Alf, thanks for continuing to send us the newsletters.  I read the request for information about Santa Maria, Brazil for historical purposes (Brasulista #126).  Since I was the one who was Branch President there for eight months in 1962 when the first branch meeting house had pews installed, and we installed Brazilian counselors in the Branch Presidency for the first time, and we had a member of the branch, Wenceslau Teixeira Braga, who went to Porto Alegre to serve in the State Chamber of Deputies. I will contact the Elder João Alberto Licht Teixeira and pass information and photos on to him.  I hope that others will too.  Actually, we baptized a family there by the name of Licht.  Again, thanks for all that you do.  --  Darvel Allred, Upland, California (


If you have information regarding Santa Maria, RS, history, send it to

Elder João Alberto Licht Teixeira E-Mail:


Richard H. Bramwell (BM 55-58) writes: “I read the name Carmen Henry Davis in the last issue (Brasulista #128) and it rang a bell for I was his first companion in June 1957 in Santo Amaro.  It is good to know about him and the great service he has given in his life.  It is exciting to see the great growth of the church in places where we served and we enjoy hearing about the work that is still being done.  I attended BYU after my mission and married Gayle Cooper from Mesa, Arizona. We lived in Simi, California where I taught school and then after getting additional degrees at the Y and ASU we moved to Gilbert, Arizona where we lived for 30 years as I continued to teach art and coached sports as well as sold my art work professionally.  After retiring my wife and I served two missions in Nauvoo in 2002 at the time of the dedication of the Temple and again in 2005 to help with the new Pageant. We now live in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We have four children, seventeen grandchildren and three greats who live all over the world from North Carolina to China so we have good reasons to travel.  I went to Brazil in November of 2005 with my son who had a poultry conference in Florianópolis and after brushing up on my Portuguese was able to get around fairly well. Our grandson Nick Bramwell recently served in the São Paulo North Mission and had the great advantage of learning the language in the MTC there.  What a blessing that would have been for us.  I was one of the early Elders that traveled to Brazil on a cruise ship - the SS Argentina from New York but flew home by way of many of the South America and Central America countries.  I would very much like to be in touch with some of you from my past.”  (


That’s all for now, folks. My bags are packed and I am off to Italy this week with my son to join 78 others on the tour that I call Milan to Brazil! Tell you all about it when we return.


Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!


Alf Gunn

Gig Harbor, WA


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