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Newsletter of the early Brazilian missions, #121

December 27, 2009


Alô, gente! Boas Festas, tudo de bom e um Ano Novo iluminado e promissor para você e os seus.


In this issue:

Odds and ends

Mission calls and service

A Portuguese tongue twister


Brazil, here we come! Marcia and I are off to Brazil in January, and will join with about 50 other former missionaries and spouses on the “Terra da Felicidade” tour that includes a cruise up the coast of Brazil to Salvador, Bahia, and motor coach touring to the São Paulo and Curitiba Temples, with sightseeing and visiting with the saints along the way. Most of all I look forward to our associations with the other adventurers. I hope to tell you all about it on our return.


Administrative: We invite all who love the saints of Brazil to join in prayer that the current visa drought will be overcome and missionaries may travel to their assignments in a timely manner.


December marks eight years of Brasulistas. Thanks for all your positive and supportive comments. “Brasulista” was the name of the original missionary information letter of the Brazilian South Mission in the early 60’s.


As you know, today’s Brasulista is part of a labor of love to identify and locate missionaries who served in Brazil before 1980. We have held a reunion every few years—2004, 2006 and 2009—to honor our many mission presidents and, well, eat feijoada prepared by Brazilian saints at SLC. At the 2004 reunion (which was just the Brazilian South Mission alumni) folks threw money into a glass jar to cover expenses. Also, I took a chance and had BSM lapel pins made and we sold them for $5. The proceeds from the glass jar and the pins went into a bank account we continue to maintain (Ashley Fish as my volunteer accountant and I) from which we plan to cover the costs of future reunions and also to cover very minimal and occasional expenses associated with the Brasulista. Earlier this year, using money from the account, I had 1,000 more lapel pins made—this time representing ALL of the missions of Brazil. They are paid for and we still have an inventory of a few hundred pins that you folks continue to order. (See how below)* The fund is growing little by little as pins sell and occasional contributions are sent to me. Thanks to all who have contributed in one way or another. The last expense of any note was our reunion in April 2009, and a few of the brethren did a good job of paying the bills and making an accounting. I thought I would let you know that the current balance in the account is $1,664.00.


Called to Serve

Jan and Carlos Litster (BM 59-61) of Layton, UT, are leaving for a CES Couples Mission in the São Paulo South Mission effective 22 Feb 2010 and will be speaking at the Farmington 11th Ward at 695 South 200 East at 2:00 p.m. on 21 Feb 2010. They are taking their Vonage telephone number with them to Brazil, 801-451-6515. Email them at “The Brazilian Consulate is issuing almost no visas to missionaries,” they write. “Pray for the prospective Brazilian Missionaries and those of us waiting for Visas.”


Carlie and David Arntsen (BSM 64-66) of Houston, TX, who loved Brazil during our 2006 Brazil tour, have been called to serve as Employment/Welfare Resources Missionaries in the São Paulo North mission, entering the mission home in Provo March 1st. “We are excited!” writes Carlie. “Now....what does an employment resource person do?” (


Marilyn (Hartog) (BM 66-69) and Orson Porter of Clearfield, UT, write “We just opened our mission call. We are headed to Perth Australia. Orson served part of his mission there, and we visited there when we went to pick up Sam from his mission in Sydney. We are so excited. We requested Perth or Brisbane and we were assigned there. We were worried we'd be in Russia or Arkansas.” ( "There are many people who can do the big things, but there are few who will do the small things." --Mother Teresa


Alf’s note: I am sure that there are many of you who are serving valiantly where you live, and I probably could not share all of those stories. But I do want to mention Brother Dale Foote, who was in my group when we traveled to Brazil in 1962. He and Martha Jane have begun their fourth Family History mission at the Mesa Arizona Regional Family History Center, which as I recall is about two blocks from his home, if you walk through the Mesa Temple grounds. I believe it is fair to say that Dale’s life has been a life of service in the Church and he and Martha Jane do God’s will first and foremost, and I am happy to be called a friend.


I read a Mormon Times article by our own Jim Welch (BSM xxx) about the Spanish language Sunday School class he helped organize in his Palo Alto, CA, ward. See it at


Our friend and brother, Paulo Grahl, of the Brazil Area CES, forwards this peculiar Portuguese pronunciation exercise for your particular pleasure:

A letra "P" - Apenas a língua portuguesa nos permite escrever isso:

Pedro Paulo Pereira Pinto, pequeno pintor português, pintava portas, paredes, portais. Porém, pediu para parar porque preferiu pintar panfletos. Partindo para Piracicaba, pintou  prateleiras para poder progredir. Posteriormente, partiu para Pirapora. Pernoitando, prosseguiu para Paranavaí, pois pretendia praticar pinturas para pessoas pobres. Porém, pouco praticou, porque Padre Paulo pediu para pintar panelas, porém posteriormente pintou pratos para poder pagar promessas. Pálido, porém personalizado, preferiu partir para Portugal para pedir permissão para papai para permanecer praticando pinturas, preferindo, portanto, Paris. Partindo para Paris, passou pelos Pirineus, pois pretendia pintá-los. Pareciam plácidos, porém, pesaroso, percebeu penhascos pedregosos, preferindo pintá-los parcialmente, pois perigosas pedras pareciam precipitar-se principalmente pelo Pico, porque pastores passavam pelas picadas para pedirem pousada, provocando provavelmente pequenas perfurações, pois, pelo passo percorriam, permanentemente, possantes potrancas. Pisando Paris, pediu permissão para pintar palácios pomposos, procurando pontos pitorescos, pois, para pintar pobreza, precisaria percorrer pontos perigosos, pestilentos, perniciosos, preferindo Pedro Paulo precaver-se Profundas privações passou Pedro Paulo. Pensava poder prosseguir pintando, porém, pretas previsões passavam pelo pensamento, provocando profundos pesares, principalmente por pretender partir prontamente para Portugal. Povo previdente! Pensava Pedro Paulo...
Preciso partir para Portugal porque pedem para prestigiar patrícios, pintando principais portos portugueses. – Paris! Paris! Proferiu Pedro Paulo.
Parto, porém penso pintá-la permanentemente, pois pretendo progredir. Pisando Portugal, Pedro Paulo procurou pelos pais, porém, papai Procópio partira para Província. Pedindo provisões, partiu prontamente, pois precisava pedir permissão para papai Procópio para prosseguir praticando pinturas. Profundamente pálido, perfez percurso percorrido pelo pai. Pedindo permissão, penetrou pelo portão principal. Porém, papai Procópio puxando-o pelo pescoço proferiu: Pediste permissão para praticar pintura, porém, praticando, pintas pior. Primo Pinduca pintou perfeitamente prima Petúnia. Porque pintas porcarias? Papai – proferiu Pedro Paulo – pinto porque permitiste, porém, preferindo, poderei procurar profissão própria para poder provar perseverança, pois pretendo permanecer por Portugal. Pegando Pedro Paulo pelo pulso, penetrou pelo patamar, procurando pelos pertences, partiu prontamente, pois pretendia pôr Pedro Paulo para praticar profissão perfeita: pedreiro! Passando pela ponte precisaram pescar para poderem prosseguir peregrinando. Primeiro, pegaram peixes pequenos, porém, passando pouco prazo, pegaram pacus, piaparas, pirarucus. Partindo pela picada próxima, pois pretendiam pernoitar pertinho, para procurar primo Péricles primeiro. Pisando por pedras pontudas, papai Procópio procurou Péricles, primo próximo, pedreiro profissional perfeito. Poucas palavras proferiram, porém prometeu pagar pequena parcela para Péricles profissionalizar Pedro Paulo. Primeiramente Pedro Paulo pegava pedras, porém, Péricles pediu-lhe para pintar prédios, pois precisava pagar pintores práticos. Particularmente Pedro Paulo preferia pintar prédios. Pereceu pintando prédios para Péricles, pois precipitou-se pelas paredes pintadas. Pobre Pedro Paulo pereceu pintando... Permita-me, pois, pedir perdão pela paciência, pois pretendo parar para pensar... Para parar preciso pensar. Pensei. Portanto, pronto pararei.

(E você ainda se acha o máximo quando consegue dizer: "O Rato Roeu a Rica Roupa do Rei de Roma")



Alf Gunn

3720 26th Avenue Court NW

Gig Harbor, WA 98335


*Shameless plug: Brazilian Missions lapel pins (see the attached design) are available by writing to me and sending a check for $5 per pin. Be sure to include your return address. Don’t worry about postage, but buy a few or more at a time to make the mailing worthwhile. Thanks. Alf




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