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Newsletter of the early Brazilian missions, #99
May 28, 2008

Bom Dia, brothers and sisters!  
You may have noticed that these come more often than monthly.  I receive so much “good stuff” that I have to send it out before it gets any longer!  Thanks to you who read the Brasulista, and to all who contribute items.  Past issues are available since the first, which came out in December 2002.

In this issue:

Elder Wm. Grant Bangerter to celebrate his 90th birthday
Building Zion in Brazil  (See the attached photos)
   - Temple marriage in São Paulo – Joilson and Liria Pimentel
    - President Cardon and some of his missionaries
REUNION:  President Lynn A. Sorensen reunion in October
November Brazil/Peru tour for former missionaries
Passing of Elder Herman Funk
Called to Serve:  Arlen and Debi Woffinden
Charles Walborn recalls meetinghouse construction in Brazil



DATE: Sunday, June 8, 2008
OCCASION: President Bangerter's 90th Birthday Open House
PLACE: Bangerter Home - 542 South Alpine Highway, Alpine, Utah 84004
TIME: 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Bangerter Missionaries & Brazilians are invited to President Bangerter's 90th Birthday Family Open House, since you are considered family.  Sister Bangerter says come and visit with President Bangerter and enjoy the beauty of Alpine.  She also encourages you to write a Love Note to President Bangerter in lieu of a card.  You would probably like to send a note or a card even if you cannot come to the Open House.  If you have any questions, call or email:
    Carlos Litster: 801-451-2093,
    Fred Westergard: 801-583-4405,


Sister Brenda Bradford, wife of President Dale Bradford (BSPN 74-76) of the Brazil SP Interlagos Mission, nearing the end of their mission, shares this recent vignette from her mission experience:  “The sealing in the São Paulo Temple of former Elder Joilson Pimentel and Liria was a highlight of the week for us.  We attended their Temple sealing on Thursday afternoon. Joilson and Liria and a total of six guests were the only ones in the sealing room.

“Elder Pimentel finished his mission about 18 months ago. He comes from a difficult home life in Bahia.  He returned to São Paulo, because a member told him if he needed a job he could come back and work for him.  He is using a loan from the Perpetual Education fund to go to school, which will make a huge difference in his ability to find a good job.  He also did a good job learning English while he served in our mission, again a plus for finding a job.

When he came back, he met Liria who lived in the neighboring Vila Andrade Ward, which has seen tremendous success since the building of a new, beautiful meetinghouse on Avenida Giovani Gronchi in Morumbi, at São Paulo. Liria had joined the Church about three years ago and comes from the middle of the Vila Andrade favela. She was baptized at 17 and went to youth conference with the stake. While she was there, she was fellowshipped by one of the American girls.  She was amazed to see this girl and her two siblings playing and enjoying being there with their father who was there as a Chaperon. She had never seen anything like that in her life.  She said all she knew about men is that they beat women and do drugs and hang out at bars. She said if this is what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches it is the greatest thing ever.  They helped her understand more about the gospel of Jesus Christ and brought her along in the Church. Then she met Joilson, who is a good guy and will make a good husband for her, the things he learned as a missionary will help them so much in their life. She wore a Temple dress to be married.

“They came out of the Temple both wearing their backpacks and were going to ride the bus home. She was dressed in just a regular dress. They didn't have a photographer or anyone to take their pictures. Luckily, I had brought my camera and got some good pictures for them. They had to take off their backpacks to get their wedding pictures taken.  I looked at them and thought, they have NOTHING in the world except each other, not even family, but here they are starting their own family in the right way in the Temple. It is so sweet to watch these returned missionaries do the right thing and to see a young convert be fellowshipped and loved along in the Church. I think they represent the reason we are here in such a beautiful way. The difference the Church and a mission can make for these young people is amazing and will change the Church in Brazil and ultimately change Brazil. What a joy it is to have this kind of reward.”
(Sister Bradford’s email: See the photo attached.)


President Wilford Cardon, recently of the MTC, São Paulo, sends a photo along with the story behind it: “Last fall, 2007, a Mission Presidents and Area Authorities training seminar was held in São Paulo. As the MTC President, I was invited to attend.  During the seminar I took a picture of the missionaries who had served in the São Paulo South Mission during the time I served as Mission President (78-81) and were currently serving as Mission Presidents and Area Authorities.  Like Alma I did “…rejoice exceedingly to see (my) brethren; and what added more to (my) joy, they were still (my) brethren in the Lord….” Although in the Church it is not where one serves but how one serves and the most recently called nursery leader or home teacher is just as important as a mission president, I am persuaded that it is unusual for a mission president and seven of his missionaries to be serving as Mission Presidents and Area Authorities in the same country at the same time.

“This picture (attached) was taken October 28, 2007.  Left to right:  Wilford A. Cardon, Brazil MTC Mission President, Fernando Araújo, Brazil Area Seventy; Ildefanso Castro Deus, Brazil Campinas Mission President; César Milder, Brazil Cuiabá Mission President; Ronaldo da Costa, Brazil Area Seventy; Marcos Aidukaitis, Brazil Brazília Mission President and recently called General Authority Seventy; Carlos Godoy, Brazil Area Seventy and recently called General Authority Seventy; and Victor Asconavieta da Silva, BrazilForteleza Mission President. Warmest regards,  Wilford”


(BSM 73-76) President Lynn Sorensen’s missionaries have scheduled a reunion for Friday 3 Oct. 2008, in south SLC close to Pres. Sorensen’s home, though they don't actually have the building or a time scheduled yet. It will be in the evening.  His time of service was from May 1973 to July of 1976 in the Brazil South mission.

Bill Shurtleff writes: “President Sorensen’s health has been poor the past couple of years and he just recently returned home from a 3 month stay in a care center.  He is improving and feels like he will be fine for our get-together and is excited.  This may be one of our last chances to visit with him. The mission name changed in about 1974-75 to the Brazil Porto Alegre Mission.  Please make plans for you and your spouse to attend.  He wants to see EVERYBODY!   I'm trying to formulate a list. If any of you know of others who may not see this notice, please inform them of the event and get them on the Brasulista mailing list too.

“We are putting together a small gift of memorable experiences that each of us has had with Pres. Sorensen.  Please send your experiences with and your gratitude for Pres. Sorensen to Elder Shurtleff at for compilation even if you cannot make it to the reunion.  More info. will be forthcoming on time, location, food etc. Thanks for your help.” Elder Bill Shurtleff and Elder Kevin Hague


Go to the Morris Murdock Travel website to see the November tour that Dick Jensen has planned for any and all of our RM’s and friends and family who wish to be part of this.

In a nutshell: “Enjoy two countries in one trip! Visit the highlights of Southern Brazil with the beautiful beaches and spectacular Iguaçu Falls. Explore the ancient lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu. This is the tour that can’t be missed!”


One of my favorite senior couples of recent years was Herman and Sherrill Funk of Arizona. Here she reports his passing, and I also include the comments of their mission president, Craig Earnshaw.

“My husband Herm Funk passed away April 20 2008 after a fall from his bike. He was 74 yrs old but still participating in Tour de Phoenix bike race.  Whether he had an aneurism or not is not really known but he sustained massive head injury. At first we thought he might recover when he suddenly told me in Portuguese that he wanted to leave and did not want to do the hospital anymore. He died as he might have chosen, still in his right mind, still handsome, and atop his beloved bike.  He had spent 5 Christmases in Brasil in his life and couldn't get enough of Brasil and missionary work there and the wonderful people he worked with during his two missions.” Sherrill Funk

From President Earnshaw: “Herman Ezra Funk (1933-2008) died April 20, 2008 as a result of injuries sustained in a fall from his bike. Elder Funk served his first mission in the Brazilian Mission from 1953-56.  His call was for 2 1/2 years, but he extended and served a full three years. He returned home, finished college and then got a Masters Degree in Recreation and Physical Education from UCLA. He married Sherrill in 1962 in the Los Angeles Temple and she was his faithful companion through many adventures throughout their married life. They have six children, two of whom served missions in Brasil, and 21 grandchildren. Elder Funk was the Director of Parks and Recreation in Mesa for over 35 years, and was well known and loved by everyone in the community. One of his great desires was to return to Brasil and serve another mission and which he and Sister Funk did from 2003-05. Originally called to serve in the office of the Porto Alegre South Mission, they readily agreed to go where they were most needed and to extend their mission to 18 months. He and Sister Funk were well loved by the members in the small branches of Camaqua and Arroio dos Ratos where they served. His funeral was a beautiful celebration of his life of service. The stake and community all turned out to bid goodbye to a beloved brother in the gospel.  In a very touching moment, one of his sons who served in Brasil gave the closing prayer in Portuguese.”


Elder Arlen (BM 69-71) and Sister Debi Woffinden of Coto de Caza, CA, write: “We are going back to Brasil in August to serve as legal counsel there for three years. We just returned from São Paulo where we spent a week training and looking around. Arlen will replace Marsh Tanner there.”(

The Woffindens previously presided over the Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission from 1997 to 2000. Our congratulations to them.

Item: Charles Walborn (BM 62-64) of Martinez, GA, recalls working with Construction Missionaries, which may bring back memories for some of you: “While serving in Niteroi we went to the Tijuca chapel and made Cinderblocks. Some of those blocks were "made" about a dozen times. They had the consistency of jello when they came out of the mold. We would carry them to the drying racks and slide them into place. After ten or so our unused muscles would start to quiver and so would the jello-blocks, whatever was left went back into the hopper. But we made enough to build a full sized chapel. The pouring of the roof was supposed to be continuous so as to have no possibility of a leak. We started Friday morning and had shifts thru until Saturday evening when it was scheduled to be done. We elders had to be home by 10. I believe the last ferry to Niteroi was at 9, so we had to catch the 8 pm bus to catch the 9 pm ferry to be home at 10. We got the ferry OK, but missed the last bus to our apartment so had to walk thru dark streets. Too cheap to take a taxi I guess. The concrete roof did not get finished in one "pour". I never did hear if it developed a leak. Sinceramente, Irmão Charles Walborn (

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