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Cristo300Brasulista #95

Newsletter of the early Brazilian missions, #95
March 14, 2008

Bom dia, queridos irmãos!

In this issue:

Attached:  Architect’s drawing of the Curitiba Temple; Photo of Rua James Esdras Faust in Campinas, SP
Brazilian Senator to visit Temple Square, view Brasil Doce Lar film April 4
Website blog preserves photos of early missionaries
Travel planned to the Curitiba Temple dedication
Highlights of Brazil and Peru Tour offered for November 2008
Mission Reunions Announced
Called to Serve – New Mission Presidents and other calls
Brazilian classic literature free on the Internet
São Tomé & Príncipe
Pele on YouTube for the fun of it
Letter from the Campinas Temple
Letter from the field: Elder Nielsen at the MTC São Paulo


Unfortunately this attachment has been lost. If you have an old archived version, then please forward it along to



David L. Beck (BM 72-74), former president of the Brazil Rio de Janeiro North Mission, announces two items of interest:

“Brasil Doce Lar” film at Temple Square

“Romeu Tuma, a very influential Brazilian Senator, will be our guest on Friday April 4th at 7 pm for a program in the main floor theater at the North Visitors Center on Temple Square. The program will include a showing of the film - Brasil Doce Lar.  All former missionaries and friends of Brazil are invited to attend this special event.”  


“You can see interesting photographs that missionaries took on their missions on the website blog.  The collection includes photographs from some of the earliest missionaries dating back to 1936.  Those who would like to share some of your photographs should contact us at  This collection will help preserve the wonderful history of missionary work in Brazil.  Abraços, David Beck” (




As you may know, the Curitiba Temple is nearing completion and is scheduled for dedication on June 1, 2008.  Gary Neeleman (BM 54-57) of Sandy, UT is coordinating a trip to Curitiba at the time of the dedication of the Curitiba Temple, through Morris Murdock Travel.  If you would like to learn more about this trip and express an interest, please contact Gary by email at or call him at his office, 801-363-4936.

Also, a Brazilian student at BYU, Jouber Calixto, a Carioca who served his mission in Curitiba with the late President Lyman Covington (89-92), is trying to get enough people together to qualify for discounted group rates on the airfare.  At this time his best quote for flights is $1,162 for SLC-Curitiba-SLC and $682 for NYC-Curitiba-NYC, but he is doing this with a younger group, and has about 15 persons signed on.  They plan to fly down on May 27 and return on June 4.  With enough interest he will look into hotel rooms, rental vans, etc.  He is Jouber Calixto at  


Go to and click on ‘South America’ to see this tour, which will be November 4 to 15, 2008, and will include touring the south of Brazil, the incredibly beautiful Foz do Iguaçu and then (instead of Rio de Janeiro) we fly to Lima, Cusco, capital of the Andean culture, and then tour to Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas.  This tour was designed for us and will include a visit to the Porto Alegre Temple and a tour and possible visit to the new Curitiba Temple (scheduled for dedication on June 1, 2007).  We may meet with one mission president and will have the opportunity to attend church with members at Curitiba.  It’s going to be a great trip! Eileen Castro of Murdock Escorted Tours/Jensen Baron of Salt Lake City will be in taking reservations and helping arrange for visas for our group this year, as she did two years ago.  The cost is $3199 per person plus taxes of $280 plus passport and visa costs.  As one of our previous travelers said, you get more for your buck on these trips than any other she had ever taken.  Call Eileen at 801-483-6645 with any questions.  Our tour leader will be Dick Jensen (BSPS 78-80) who was a boy in Curitiba and Porto Alegre as the son of Thomas Jensen, former President of the Brazilian South Mission.  Happily, your newsletter guy gets invited along to be your assistant guide (but I do not work for or get paid by the travel agency).  Single sisters interested in pairing up with another sister, please let me know, as well as Eileen, and perhaps we can work something out.  Here it is again:


DATE:  Friday, April 4th, 2008           TIME: 5:30 - 8:00+
Location: Alpine 5th Ward, 98 E Canyon Crest Rd, Alpine, Utah
Directions: Take 1-15 to EXIT 284 toward HIGHLAND/ALPINE, Turn E onto 11000
N/UT-92 and continue for 5.7 miles.  Turn LEFT onto ALPINE HWY/UT-74, go 1.2
miles to roundabout and take 1st exit onto E CANYON CREST RD, go .1 miles to
5:30 - 6:30: Meet in all purpose room by kitchen.
SOCIALIZING:  Enjoy Guaraná and pasteis prepared by a Brazilian chef.  Visit with President & Sister Bangerter and as many of the Bangerter children as can make it.  Renew old missionary friendships and chat with Brazilians.  Bring family photos, old missionary pictures, other Brazil-memorabilia, etc. to show.
6:30-8:00+ Meet in Relief Society Room.
Speakers will include Sister Julie Bangerter Beck, General Relief Society President; Wilford Cardon, recent President of the MTC SP; Vernal Hadley, who with his wife have served missions and filled many assignments in Brazil and Portugal; and remarks by President & Sister Bangerter.  
Share this information with others that know or served with the Bangerters.  Please let us know the email of anyone you know who should have received this notice and did not. We are looking forward to seeing you and hearing what is new in your life.  And, of course, visiting with and being inspired by the Bangerter Family.  If you have any questions or information for us, please contact:
Carlos Litster, Phone: 801-451-2093 or email:
Fred Westergard, Phone: 801-583-4405 or email:

Friends, You may remember that President Lloyd Hicken will celebrate his 90th birthday on April 1st.  To celebrate we are announcing a mission reunion for President and Sister Hicken’s missionaries to be held on Friday, April 4, 2008 at 7:00 pm at the Bountiful Val Verda Stake Center chapel at 2600 South 290 West in Bountiful, Utah.  President Hicken says it is Woods Cross exit 316-317.  Further details will be forthcoming, but the most important thing right now is to spread the word.  Please e-mail, call, text and notify everyone you know from our mission.   Please put this date on your calendar and plan to attend.  To plan properly we will have to have an idea of how many will attend so please RSVP to David Campbell at  or call him at 435-652-3922.  Abraços e Saudades

Missão Brasil Porto Alegre, Presidente e Sister Sousa (1976-1979).
Dear Alf:  How’s everything? Tudo certinho? We are going to have here in Curitiba the 6th Encontro de Ex-missionários da Missão Brasil Porto Alegre this coming May 30. I have attached the invitation and the registration form. We are also announcing it in the Liahona and in the SUDDEX. It’s important to emphasize that this reunion is for all those missionaries that have served under President Jason Garcia Sousa and Sister Lindamir Sousa (1976-1979).  For more information, email Sister Sandra Domaredzky at  Notice that this reunion is at the time of the June 1 dedication of the Curitiba Temple.
Missão Brasil Porto Alegre – 1976-1979    CONVITE
Temos a honra de convidá-lo(a) juntamente com seu conjugê, para o 6º Encontro de Ex-missionários da Missão Brasil Porto Alegre que será realizado em Curitiba – Paraná – Brasil, no dia 30 de maio de 2008 às 19 horas, na capela do Ahú, Ave. Anita Guaribaldi, 2007 - Ahú
O programa do encontro contemplará com uma reunião espiritual, , city-tour e almoço de confraternização.  Sua presença é muito importante para o sucesso do evento. Solicitamos sua ajuda em divulgar a seus companheiros.


Elder Ed Hansen (BSM 65-67) writes:  “Dear Alf, My wife Cyndy and I have received our call to go to The Brazil Belo Horizonte East Mission , entering the MTC on March 24th.  We will be stationed in the city of Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais.  We will be CES missionaries, coordinating with Seminaries and Institutes in three districts.  We are looking forward to the challenges that are coming our way.  Since I left my mission in 1967, the 40 year old Portuguese is coming along and my wife is working hard on the language with some trepidation.  But we are ready to serve wherever we can.  Thanks again for your Brasulistas.  They are really a great medium for all of us.  Ed and Cyndy Hansen” (

Item:  I have learned that Elder Scott Fisher (BM 54-56) and his wife Jeri began serving a CES Mission in Wales last September.  They are helping set up outreach programs there.  In 1955 Elder Fisher was President of the São Paulo Central Branch and was one of the missionaries who taught Helio da Rocha Camargo, one of three Methodist Ministers who joined the Church at that time. I extended our congratulations to the Fishers by telephone.  

More Mission Assignments - Big congratulations to the following persons on their mission calls:

Elder Vernon Christopherson  (BM 61-63) writes:  Alf,  just a brief note of appreciation for the great service you render to those of us that love Brazil and the Portuguese language.
We wanted to let you know that Jerry and I have been called to serve as executive secretary to President Arlan Woodward in the Brazil MTC in São Paulo. We anticipate a 2 year assignment there.  We will replace Jim and Linda Kay Smith whose term of service ends in April, 2008.  We are both thrilled and humbled with this call.  Jerry, is being tutored in Portuguese at the Provo MTC which we will formally enter on 14 April for a week of training.  (

President Steve Richardson (BSM 72-74) of Redmond, WA, writes:  “Oi meus amigos da Missão Brasil Sul!  Recebemos nossa designação!  É para a Missão São Paulo Sul!  We just returned from a week of Portuguese study with the whole family at the MTC last Saturday, too, and it was great.  Very interestingly, and likely not coincidentally,  7 years ago when Marianna and I visited Brazil with Bill Bennett (my former companion in the mission office) and his wife Janet, we stopped in São Paulo to visit Jay Jones, who was then presiding over the exact same mission, and his wife Connie.  We went to his home (a large apartment in a nice building very near the American school and also the temple), met his kids (he brought 5 with him to Brazil), and even toured and spoke at a zone conference in the mission.  Now, 7 years later, Marianna and I will be living in the exact same apartment and situation!  We have some detailed notes and pictures from our visit there, so we feel that the Lord has really blessed us with this "preview" of our mission.  Um grande abraço para todos,  
Steve and Marianna Richardson”  (

President Christopher G. Jackson (BPAM 71-73) and his wife Becky of the Bountiful Mueller Park Stake, Bountiful, UT, have been called to preside in the São Paulo Interlagos Mission.  (

President Jeffry Lynn Cooley (BSM 65-67) and Melodee Cooley of Mesa, AZ are called to preside over the São Paulo North Mission. (

President Alan C. Batt (BCentM 72-74) and his wife Millie, who live in Idaho, will preside in the Brazil Fortaleza Mission.

President David W. Jayme (BCentM 70-72) and his wife Donna will preside over the Brazil Manaus Mission.  Dr. Jayme is a biochemistry professor at BYU-Hawaii and worker in the Laie Hawaii Temple.  

President Scott W. Pickett (BCentM/BSPS) and his wife Nanci, of Salt Lake City, will preside in the Brazil Rio de Janeiro North Mission.

President Gary R. Beynon (BCentM 73-75) and his wife Robyn, of Salt Lake City, will preside in the Brazil Maceió Mission.  

President Walter G. Queiroz, Jr (BRecifeM 80-82) and his wife Claudia, of Provo, Utah, will preside in the Brazil Florianopolis Mission.  You may recall he is the son of one of the three Methodist ministers who joined the Church in the 50’s.

My friend Elder Gelson Pizzirani and Sister Mirian Pizzirani will preside in the Brazil Brasilia Mission.  He is one of the Seventy.  

Congratulations, new mission presidents!  For each one of you there are probably a few old companions that are standing all amazed.  No, really, we love and admire you.  


Item: I am alerted to the existence of a treasury of Brazilian literature accessible for free at a Brazilian government site:  It is a huge digital library of works in Portuguese, including some 732 works, and including even Shakespeare in Portuguese.  Just to try it out I clicked on the Hino Nacional do Brasil and was able to listen to the Brazilian National Anthem, meanwhile I Googled “Hino Nacional do Brasil letras” and was able to read along, and was reminded how incredibly complicated that piece is. The missionaries at the CTM SP learn it, however.  But they have the gift of tongues, of course.   O Ministério da Educação disponibiliza tudo isso, basta acessar o site: Só de literatura portuguesa são 732 obras!

Maceió - Mike Hanson (BM 65-67) of Porto Velho, Rondonia, Brazil, writes:  “Alf, Aparecida and I just got back from a visit Maceió and had a wonderful time on the beach to make up for the time that surfing and swimming were forbidden us as missionaries.  I was very impressed by the beauty of the recently remodeled chapel in Farol.  It felt like going into a temple.  I understand that they have some 14 chapels in Maceió and the surrounding urban areas.  
Um forte abraço, Mike and Aparecida Hanson (



Archie Homero Schmidt (BM 56-57) of Ft. Myers, FL, shares this experience: “Oi Pessoal, Tudo bem? Umas noticias daqui da Florida.  No fim de Janeiro passei duas semanas na ilha-nacão de São Tomé & Príncipe, na costa da África. Não foi a passeio. Fui trabalhar como intérprete num programa de treinamento marinho que a Marinha Americana tem nesta região do Oeste Central da África. Eles pediram ajuda da Guarda Costeira que tem um corpo the intérpretes voluntários. Como sou membro voluntário da Guarda Costeira eles me pediram para dar uma mãozinha. Fui como parte oficial da Guarda Costeira.  Tudo foi pago pela Marinha e fiquei aquartelado num navio americano na costa de São Tomé por duas semanas. Esse programa de ajuda da Marinha cobre cerca de 14 paises na África entre eles estão Angola, Moçambique, Cabo Verde e São Tomé & Príncipe de fala portuguesa.

O trabalho foi bem sucedido. Foi um grande prazer ajudar o pessoal de São Tomé & Príncipe. O pais é extremamente pobre. Se não fosse pela ajuda internacional eles não teriam o que tem agora e a pobreza seria muitas vezes mais. A Marinha doou umas 100 camas e medicamentos para o hospital e varios governos doaram clinicas e outros predios. A vida num navio da Marinha não é um paraiso. Esses 10 dias que passei abordo foi de muito trabalho e as condicões um pouco espartanas. Abracão do gaucho.  Archie Homero Schmidt  (


Okay, there’s not much religion in this—or is there?  For the fun of it all, Google “YouTube,” then enter “Pele” for 2 minutes of film of the greatest soccer player of all time.  Want more?  See an even better compilation in 10 minutes of viewing called “Pele is God”



Alf, Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoy reading your newsletter and how it has changed our lives. The desire to return to Brazil to serve again as a missionary has long been with me and my wife and I have been tempted by many of the petitions for replacement missionaries that we have read about. In May of last year we read of the experiences of Mary Humphries and her husband Alfred who sere serving in the Campinas Temple, to an end in July, 2007 and they were putting out the word for an American couple to take their place. I communicated with Mary via email and Peggy and I decided that service in the Campinas Temple was something that we were ready for and wanted to pursue, and so we began the process.  Well… a long story made short, we arrived in mid November in Campinas, Brazil having been called to serve as Temple Missionaries for 1 ½ years. We have enjoyed working with the Brazilian Temple Missionaries whom we serve alongside daily. We have had some marvelous experiences with the Saints who come to this beautiful Temple. The temple district is very large and many of the members must travel for several days and nights to come to House of the Lord. Once here, they serve faithfully throughout the week until they must embark on their journey home on Friday afternoon. Many others arrive on Friday or Saturday morning to spend a day or two here in the Temple. We have made some very special friends here among these Saints. It has been wonderful to be here in Brazil again and to see how the Church has grown and how it continues to flourish. There are many, many faithful members here with strong testimonies and great abilities. Thank you again for your diligent efforts on behalf of all of us who served in and love Brazil. Keep up the good work. Muito obrigado, Jim and Peggy Woods (James M. Woods BSM 69-70) (


See the attached photo of the street named after President Faust, at the Campinas Temple.




Finally, Elder Justin Nielsen is a young man from my stake who is serving in the Brazil Porto Alegre North Mission and my stake president shared a couple of his letters. I am sharing excerpts from one here, written while he was still in the Missionary Training Center at São Paulo last October.  There are one or two days when the MTC President lets the missionaries go out on the streets to meet people and share the Book of Mormon.  

“On October 26, we went proselyting in the city for 3½ hours.  I placed 6 Books of Mormon and several pass-along cards.  It was such an awesome experience.  We said a prayer and then started.  We were walking down a street, waiting for the spirit to take over and at an intersection I could see all three streets, but the one to my right stuck out a lot more to me than the others, so I told my companions to go to the right and we did.  We walked a little ways down a side street and on the side of a building there was a guy about my age in a blue shirt and jeans, sitting on a ledge and he looked all upset about something.  When I looked at him it was like I got tunnel vision or something.  Everything else went darker and fuzzy/blurry, and he was really clear and seemed brighter and something told me that I NEED to go talk to him. We were only supposed to talk about the Book of Mormon.  I went over and sat down next to him and my companions followed.  All of a sudden I forgot everything that I was supposed to say.  I started getting nervous, not sure what to do, so I opened my mouth, hoping that I would remember.  All of a sudden, I started speaking Portuguese.

I was saying words that I have never even heard before, but I was understanding not the words that I was saying, but yet, I knew exactly what I was saying.  I started telling him about families and how we can be with them forever and that God loves us and how much he loves us, and that we are never alone.  His name was Alito.  I talked for a couple minutes, and then explained the Book of Mormon and what it does for us.  Then I bore my testimony and handed him the book.  He turned and pulled a pistol out of his bag.  He sat there and just looked at it for a minute, took the clip out, cocked the chamber to eject the last bullet, emptied all the bullets from the clip, put the gun and clip back into his bag and went over to the trash and threw the bullets away.  He came back over, gave me a hug, said thank you, sat back down said goodbye and opened the book and started reading.  It was so amazing.  The spirit was so strong!  I don’t know what he planned on doing with the gun but whatever it was, the spirit changed his mind.  I had just placed my first Book of Mormon.  Love ya, Elder Nielsen


Alf Gunn of Gig Harbor, WA - USA * 253-307-3338 *  * BSM 62-65

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